Yorkshire Terrier Dog Breed

Yorkshire Terrier Dog Breed Information

Although these terriers are often perceived as a rather ornamental breed, they are bred from sturdy working stock, and will still hunt vermin in the same fashion as their ancestors, should the opportunity present itself. They evolved in the English county of Yorkshire, being developed from local breeds of terrier kept by the weaving families in the area. The Yorkshire Terrier had become a recognizable breed by the middle of the last century, being originally called the Broken-haired Terrier.

Origins: Yorkshire, England
Coat Type/Colour: Flowing; Tan with dark bluish stripe
Height: 9 Inch (23 cm)
Weight: 7 lb max (3.2 kg)
Classification: Toy/Companion
Nature: Naturally Friendly

Since this time, there has been a tendency to select in favour of progressively smaller Yorkies, and now the breed must weigh under 7 lb (3.2 kg), for show purposes. However, you may be able to obtain a slightly larger individual that will make a good pet, even if not a show winner. Puppies are born black, and their tan markings develop from three months onwards. It is likely to be a year before the dark steel-blue coloration on their backs becomes apparent.

The Yorkshire Terrier is one of the more difficult and time-consuming dog breed to exhibit successfully, requiring a great deal of grooming if its long, flowing coat is to show to best effect. This should also be remembered in the case of pet dogs. Naturally friendly, these terriers will live quite happily in an apartment, nor are they out of place in the countryside, where they will find many scents with which to occupy themselves.

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