Whippet Dog Breed

Whippet Dog Breed Information

Developed for its speed in the north of England, the Whippet dog used to be known as the poor man’s racehorse. These dogs were reached over straight tracks, which were typically 200 yd (183 m) long, being thrown into the course by their owners. The fastest individuals could reach the finish within 11 ½ seconds, and even today the Greyhound is not a match for a Whippet in terms of pace over such distances.

Origins: Northern England
Coat Type/Colour: Short; wide variety
Height: 18 ½ Inch (47 cm)
Weight: 18 – 28 lb (8.2. – 12.7 kg)
Classification: Hound/coursing
Nature: Quiet, responsive; sensitive to cold

A combination of small Greyhounds and terriers contributed to its ancestry, with a later contribution from the Italian Greyhound. The breed was introduced to the United States by emigrants from England during the early years of the present century. Although no longer kept primarily for their pace, Whippets have now found a new following in show circles and as a household pet. They are very trustworthy with children, but can sometimes prove nervous in unfamiliar surroundings.

No restriction is imposed on their coloration by either the Kennel Club or the American Kennel Club (which did not recognize the breed until 1976), and as grooming of their short coats is straightforward, this dog breed makes an ideal introduction to the show ring. Whippets dog breed are adaptable dogs. Although they may chase hares in the country, they will settle well in the town, provided they can have a short, brisk run off the leash every day. In cold or wet weather, they should be fitted with a coat to protect them against the elements when they are out of doors, as they are not a particularly hardy breed.

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