West Highland White Terrier Dog

West Highland White Terrier Dog Breed

West Highland White Terrier Dog Breed was originally known as the Pol-talloch Terrier, being named after the area where it was first bred, in Argyllshire, Scotland. Its development here occurred by chance when a dark-coloured terrier owned by one Colonel Malcolm was accidentally shot and killed by its owner in 1860. He then decided to breed only white terriers, and so the Westie came into existence, although, prior to this, odd white terriers had been recorded.

Origins: Scotland
Coat Type/Colour: Rough; White
Height: 11 Inch (28 cm)
Weight: 15 – 22 lb (6.8 – 9.9 kg)
Classification: Terrier
Nature: Alert Guard Dog; Lively; Rather Independent

As with other similar breeds from this region, the West Highland White Terrier was used to hunt vermin. Its rough, wiry coat reflects its hardy ancestry, with mud soon falling off the hairs once they are dry. Regular grooming is essential, however, to keep these dogs looking their best, and stripping about twice a year on average will be required. In terms of temperament, Westies enjoy a good run off the leash, especially if you have a ball for them to chase. It may be advisable to avoid areas where a number of other dogs are also being exercised, however, as these terriers are likely to prove rather possessive, and will not appreciate the involvement of others in their game.

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