Weimaraner Dog Breed Info

Weimaraner Dog Breed Information and Picture

This breed has been developed with considerable care. It originated in Germany during the last century, from crossings of various breeds, including pointers, and was bred as a gundog. Ther German breed club insisted on rigorous standards, and only approved matings were permitted. Weimaraners only became more widely known during the 1940s, when the breed was introduced in the United States. Their sleek, silvery-grey appearance attracts keen interest, but it is not always appreciated that Weimaraners need the training to ensure the best development of their working abilities.

Weimaraner Dog Breed Info with Height

Origins: Germany
Coat Type/Colour: Sleek; Silver-Grey
Height: 24 – 27 Inch (61 – 68.5 cm)
Weight: 70 – 85 lb Max (31.8 – 38.6 kg)
Classification: Gundog/Sporting
Nature: Obedient and Loyal

These dogs have active natures and must be able to have a good run every day. They have proved obedient and make loyal companions, while their coat needs very little attention to remain immaculate. Occasionally, a long-haired form of the Weimaraner crops up in the litters of normal dogs. These cannot be registered, but are otherwise identical to the true Weimaraner in terms of temperament.

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