Sussex Spaniel Dog Breed

Sussex Spaniel Dog Breed Picture

This dog breed of spaniel was developed in the English county of Sussex during the 1790s. Sussex Spaniels have never been especially common, but their placid and hard-working nature made them highly valued both as gundogs and companions. The breed nearly vanished into obscurity towards the end of the last century, and it was only in the 1950s that its future became more secure. During recent years, for whatever reason, it has undergone something of a revival.

Origins: Sussex, England
Coat Type/Colour: Silky; Golden liver
Height: 15 – 16 Inch (38 – 40.5 cm)
Weight: 45 lb (20.4 kg)
Classification: Gundog/Sportin
Nature: Placid; hard-working

The Sussex Spaniel Dog Breed is a distinctive shade of golden-liver, with this coloration being broken only by a white chest spot in some individuals. This is considered a show fault, in contrast to the situation in a number of other dog breeds of spaniel. It has never established a following as a pet dog, as it strongly retains its tough working instincts. For this reason, the Sussex Spaniel is most suited to a rural environment and requires considerable exercise by way of daily walks.

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