Skye Terrier Dog Breed

Skye Terrier Dog

This long-coated terrier dog breed was developed on the Isle of Skye off the west coast of Scotland. As befits a small breed developed for hunting animals such as foxes and badgers, it has a fearless nature. Skye Terriers are also very loyal to their owners, but are reluctant to accept strangers. This may need to be borne in mind when you are looking at adult dogs of this breed. There is a famous story concerning the devotion of one Skye Terrier called Greyfriars Bobby. After his owner’s death, Bobby visited the grave every day for a decade, until he himself finally died. A statue commemorating the terrier’s loyalty was subsequently erected in Greyfriars Churchyard near Edinburgh.

Origins: Isle of Skye
Coat Type/Colour: Double-layered; Generally cream
Height: 10 Inch (25 cm)
Weight: 25 lb (11.3 kg)
Classification: Terrier
Nature: Hardy; Requires much exercise

Puppies do not have such an elegant coat as an adult dog, but, even so, you should be prepared to spend time each day grooming it. At the same time, as with all dogs, it is a good idea to open the puppy’s mouth, so that, in the future it will not resent this treatment. This is particularly important with a Skye Terrier, as this breed may be reluctant to allow a stranger such as a veterinarian to undertake this task without attempting to bite.

In spite of their rather manicured appearance, these terriers have remained hardy, working dogs. They will benefit from plenty of exercise off the leash, following up scents and investigating their surroundings. The Skye Terrier is a breed probably best suited to a rural environment, rather than an urban life-style. The dog breed has gone into decline during recent years.

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