Shih Tzu Dog Breed Information, Names You Never Knew

Shih Tzu Dog Breed
Shih Tzu Dog Breed Picture

In this page, we cover all the secret information about the Shih Tzu dog breed which includes pictures, training, temperament, behavior, and names you never knew.

The unusual name of this dog breed, which is pronounced  ‘Shiszoo’, actually means ‘lion’. The Shih Tzu was originally bred in Tibet, and then developed further in China. It is closely related to both the Tibetan Terrier and the Lhasa Apso, and has become smaller in size through selective breeding. The Pekingese may also have played a part in the development of this ancient breed. It remained unknown in the West until the early years of the twentieth century, and much of today’s stock can be traced back to a number of dogs obtained from China during the 1930s.

Origins: Tibet
Coat Type/Colour: Long; Wide Variety
Height: 10.5 Inch max (26.5 cm)
Weight: 10 – 18 lb (4.5 – 8.2 kg)
Classification: Utility/Toy/Companion
Nature: Intelligent, Requires Company

The Shih Tzu is a true companion dog breed, being naturally affectionate and friendly towards people of all ages. It is intelligent and will not thrive on its own, rapidly becoming bored under these circumstances. A wide range of colors has been bred, and, in view of its long coat, daily grooming is absolutely essential in all cases, otherwise, the hair will become badly tangled and will then be painful to unravel. You may prefer to keep the long top-knot of hair away from the eyes by means of a bow.

You must ensure that you check the ears regularly for any signs of infection. The hair around the mouth will also have to be cleaned should it become soiled with food. Shih Tzus do not need long runs. Instead, they are perfectly content with regular short walks and are unlikely to stray far away when off the leash.