Scottish Deerhound Dog Breed

Scottish Deerhound Dog Information

Better known in North America as the Scottish Deerhound, these hounds were bred before the advent of the gun, to assist in the capture of red deer for the table. Pace and stamina were essential characteristics, and Greyhounds appear to have been involved in their early development. Changes in hunting techniques contributed to the decline of the Deerhound, but queen Victoria helped to ensure the survival of the breed, which was immortalized in paintings by the artist Sir Edwin Landseer.

Origins: Scotland
Coat Type/Colour: Wiry; Dark, Bluish-grey
Height: 30 Inch + (76 cm)
Weight: 85 – 105 lb (38.6 – 46.7 kg)
Classification: Hound/Coursing
Nature: Good nature; plenty of exercise required

It is not a common dog breed today but retains support from a dedicated group of owners. Deerhounds are good-natured dogs and settle well in spacious domestic surroundings. They need plenty of exercise, and will still chase game if the opportunity presents itself. Although the Deerhound may appear somewhat similar to the Irish Wolfhound, it can be distinguished by its over-all sleeker appearance. A good brushing of its harsh wiry hair will be adequate. Dark bluish-grey is the favoured coat colour.

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