Schipperke Dog Breed

Schipperke Dog Breed Picture

It appears that this dog breed has existed in Belgium for well over 300 years, although its precise ancestry is unknown. It has been suggested that it could be a miniature form of a black Belgian Shepherd Dog, or, alternatively, could have a spitz ancestry. The Schipperke was certainly very popular among shoemakers in Belgium during the seventeenth century. Such dogs wer paraded wearing ornate collars made of brass, and possibly took part in the earliest specialist dog show ever held, when a Schipperke show was organized by the Belgian Guild of Workmen in 1690.

Origins: Belgium
Coat Type/Colour: Shaggy; Usually Black
Height: 10 -13 Inch (25 – 33 cm)
Weight: 12 – 16 lb (5.4 – 7.3 kg)
Classification: Utility/non-sporting/companion
Nature: Hardy and affectionate

Their unusual name actually translates from the Flemish as ‘little captain’. The dog breed was a popular choice among barge-owners, alterting them to the presence of strangers who might want to come aboard. The interest expressed by the Queen of Belgium in 1885 helped the breed to become popular as a fashionable pet. Schipperkes are usually black in colour, and their coat is easy to keep in top condition. These are hardy and affectionate dogs and make good family pets. They will benefit from a good daily walk, but prove to be quite happy in an urban environment.

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