Puli Dog Breed

Puli Dog Breed Information

Although it may appear that a Puli’s coat is somehow prepared by artificial means, its dreadlocks are actually quite natural. The dog breed originated in Hungary, and its name is derived from the words puli hou. This translates literally as ‘destroyer Huns’, and refers to a tribe of Magyar warriors who invaded Hungary from the East about 1,000 years ago, bringing with them their livestock, which included the ancestors of the Puli. The plural form of their name is Pulix in Hungary, but tends to be Pulik elsewhere. These are herding dogs, originally used to watch over flocks of sheep.

Origins: Hungary
Coat Type/Colour: Dreadlocked; black/grey
Height: 16 -17.5 Inch (40.5 – 45.5 cm)
Weight: 28.5 – 33 lb (12.9 – 15 kg)
Classification: Working/hound
Nature: Loyal/intelligent

The traditional form of the Puli appears to be black, but grey forms are also known. In spite of its rather unkempt appearance, the Puli’s coat needs considerable attention. The individual cords, which tend to be thinner in dogs kept in North America and Europe than in Hungry itself, must be carefully groomed by hand. Proper brushing will also be necessary to maintain their distinctive appearance.

The Puli only became known outside Hungary at the end of the Second World War. Occasionally, in the Unites States, you may see their coats prepared in a woolly ‘Afro’ style, although the corded appearance is still more typical. They have proved to be both loyal and intelligent companions, as reflected in their working ancestry.

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