Pug Dog Breed

Pug Dog Breed Information

It is believed that the ancestors of this dog breed were obtained in China by the Dutch East India Company, who brought these dogs back to Holland. Here they obtained royal patronage and were adopted as the symbol of the House of Orange. They were brought to Britain when William of Orange became King of England in 1689. This is another breed whose face is said to resemble that of a monkey, in this case a marmoset. These small New World primates were popular pets bring the eighteenth century, and were themselves referred to as ‘pugs’ for a period, the name then being transferred to the dogs.

Origins: China
Coat Type/Colour: Short; Black, Oyster
Height: 10 – 11 Inch (25 – 28 cm)
Weight: 14 – 18 lb (6.4 – 8.2 kg)
Classification: Toy/Companion
Nature: Friendly; Easy to care for; Weight needs watching

With its thick-set appearance and wrinkled face, the Pug would seem to be a miniature mastiff. It is an energetic breed, with a matching appetite, and if spoilt it will soon become obese. This will almost certainly shorten its lifespan, and will worsen any tendency towards difficulty is breathing resulting from the compact face of the breed. Exercise during the warmest part of the day is inadvisable, particularly in hot climates.

Pugs become loyal companions and are easy to care for, their short coat needing only regular grooming to remain in good condition. You can monitor the weight of a Pug quite easily, by holding it in your arms and weighing yourself. Then stand on the scales on your own, and subtract your own weight from the previous figure. Pugs should weight between 14-18 lb (6.4 – 8.2 kg). If a dog appears to be putting on weight, not only should you review its diet, cutting back on biscuits in particular, but you must also give your pet more exercise.

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