Poodles: Miniature and Standard Dog


The Standard form of the Poodle, measuring over 15 Inch (38 cm) at the shoulder, is believed to be the oldest of the three breeds. It is a lively and intelligent dog, which first became known in Britain during the seventeenth century. Standards can obtained in all the usual Poodle colours, which vary from white through cream and apricot to brown, blue and black. Only solid colours are acceptable, but the depth of coloration of puppies is likely to vary until the dog is perhaps 18 months old.

Origins: Britain
Coat Type/Colour: Shaggy, Curly; Wide Variety
Height: 11 -15 Inch (28 – 38 cm)
Weight: 26 – 49 lb (11.8 – 22.2 kg)
Classification: Utility/non-sporting/companion
Nature: Intelligent; friendly companion

Although the popularity of the Standard Poodle has waned during recent years, the Miniature form, averaging between 11 – 15 Inch (28 – 38 cm) in height, has grown in popularity. It is a smaller dog breed but otherwise identical in appearance, and can be kept in more compact surroundings.

In common with other Poodles, the Miniature may suffer more from dental problems than other breeds. You should therefore routinely inspect the mouths of these dogs, brushing their teeth regularly with a special canine toothpaste. If deposits of tartar do accumulate on the teeth, especially close to the gums, then arrange with your veterinarian to have this removed by descaling as soon as possible. Otherwise, the bacteria in this plaque are likely to damage the teeth and can also cause gum disease.

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