Norfolk And Norwich Terriers Breed

In the eastern counties of England, a dog breed of hunting terrier that was rather similar to the Border Terrier in many ways, including coloration, was bred during the early 1800s. However, it was only towards the end of the ninteenth century that these terriers started to attract attention, becoming popular with students at Cambridge University. Subsequent crosses involving Glen of Imaal Terriers, Dandie Dinmonts and other saw the emergence of the type of dog that has since become known as the Norfolk Terrier.

Origins: East Anglia, England
Coat Type/Colour: Shaggy; Tan
Height: 10 Inch (25 cm)
Weight: 10 – 12 lb (4.5 – 5.4 kg)
Classification: Terrier
Nature: Hardy and Loyal

Norfolk And Norwich Terriers Dog Breed

These terriers were taken to the United States at an early stage in their history, and used in a traditional manner to drive out a fox that had gone to earth. Here they were originally known as Jones Terriers. However, in 1964 a decision was taken by the Kennel Club in Great Britain, which split the breed on the basis of ear carriage, and the American Kennel Club also agreed to follow this precedent in 1979. Now Norfolk Terriers are deemed to have folded ears in both countries, whereas Norwich Terriers have ears that are held erect.

In terms of temperament, neighter breed is quarrelsome by nature, although they are strong, active dogs for their size. They are best kept in fairly rural surroundings, where they can obtain more exercise. Their coat is wiry to the touch and needs little grooming. The dense thickness of the undercoat provides good insulation, even against water. Norfolk and Norwich Terriers show a loyal and trustworthy nature towards people whom they know well, and settle happily in a home with children. They should not be considered as typical toy dogs.

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