Yorkshire Terrier Dog Breed

Yorkshire Terrier Dog Breed Information

Although these terriers are often perceived as a rather ornamental breed, they are bred from sturdy working stock, and will still hunt vermin in the same fashion as their ancestors, should the opportunity present itself. They evolved in the English county of Yorkshire, being developed from local breeds of terrier kept by the weaving families … Read more

West Highland White Terrier Dog

West Highland White Terrier Dog Breed

West Highland White Terrier Dog Breed was originally known as the Pol-talloch Terrier, being named after the area where it was first bred, in Argyllshire, Scotland. Its development here occurred by chance when a dark-coloured terrier owned by one Colonel Malcolm was accidentally shot and killed by its owner in 1860. He then decided to … Read more

Welsh Corgis Dog Breed

Welsh Corgis Dog Breed

Two distinct breeds of Corgi are recognized, named after the old Welsh counties where they first developed. The Pembroke Corgi is the oldest and remains the most popular, possibly because of its links with the British Royal Family. It is characterized by a short, upright tail and pointed ears. In contrast, the Cardigan Corgi has … Read more

Skye Terrier Dog Breed

Skye Terrier Dog

This long-coated terrier dog breed was developed on the Isle of Skye off the west coast of Scotland. As befits a small breed developed for hunting animals such as foxes and badgers, it has a fearless nature. Skye Terriers are also very loyal to their owners, but are reluctant to accept strangers. This may need … Read more

Pug Dog Breed

Pug Dog Breed Information

It is believed that the ancestors of this dog breed were obtained in China by the Dutch East India Company, who brought these dogs back to Holland. Here they obtained royal patronage and were adopted as the symbol of the House of Orange. They were brought to Britain when William of Orange became King of … Read more

Scottish Terrier Dog Breed

Scottish Terrier Dog Breed Information

Origins: Scotland Coat Type/Colour: Shaggy; Usually Black Height: 10 – 11 Inch (25 – 28 cm) Weight: 19 – 23 lb (8.6 – 10.4 kg) Classification: Terrier Nature: Intelligent, Active, Friendly Known affectionately simply as the Scottie, this breed of terrier came into fashion during the middle of the last century. It was originally called … Read more

Poodle: Toy Dog Breed

Poodle: Toy Dog

The Toy version of the Poodle is recognised as a separate breed, in spite of the fact that it shares a common ancestry with both the Miniature and the larger Standard Poodle. These particular dogs are descended from working stock, in spite of their often elaborate appearance, which may be more suggestive of a cosseted … Read more

Pomeranian Dog Breed

Pomeranian Dog Breed

This is the smallest member of the group of spitz dogs, distinguished by their curly tails and upright ears. It appears to have been developed in the German province of Pomerania, and attracted the attention of Queen Victoria, She exhibited the breed at the Crufts Show of 1891, and this immediately led to an upsurge … Read more

Pekingese Dog Breed

Pekingese Dog and Puppy Breed

Another of the ancient Oriental breeds, whose ancestry can be traced back to the T’ang dynasty, about 1200 years ago, the Pekingese was finally brought to Europe for the first in 1860, following the seizure of Peking by British troops. Prior to this, these small size dogs had been closely associated with the Chinese imperial … Read more