Flat-Coated Retriever Dog Breed

Flat-Coated Retriever Dog Information

For many years, following its introduction to Britain in 1860 up until the First World War, the Flat-coated dog breed was the most popular of all retriever breeds, Subsequently, the essentially more colourful Golden and Labrador Retrievers took over this role, as the great estates with their gamekeepers broke up and the dog fancy developed … Read more

Elkhound (Norwegian Elkhound) Dog Breed

Elkhound Dog Breed Information

Sometimes known also as the Norwegian Elkhound, especially in the United States, these ancient Nordic dogs were originally bred to track elk and other large animals, including bears, wolves and lynx. Within Scandinavia, there were several slightly different types, some of which were also used to pull sleighs. Instead of simply locating quarry, these dogs … Read more

Dalmatian Dog Breed

Dalmatian Dog Breed

This elegant dog breed was originally developed in Yugoslavia and subsequently brought to Britain where it became popular as a carriage dog during the eighteenth century, although its original function was probably to protect travellers against highwaymen. Dalmatians were also known for a time as ‘firehouse dogs’, because they used to accompany horse-drawn fire wagons … Read more

Collie: Rough and Smooth Dog Breed

Collie: Rough and Smooth Dog Information

Collies were another of the herding dogs originally bred in Scotland, although their ancestors may have come from Iceland. They first attracted widespread attention when Queen Victoria brought some of these dogs back to her kennels after a visit to Scotland in 1860. The Rough Collie has since become by far the most popular of the … Read more

Brittany Spaniel (Brittany) Dog Breed

Brittany Spaniel Information

This French dog breed was effectively re-created at the turn of the present century, having been on the verge of extinction. It is more reminiscent of a setter than a spaniel, both in terms of its appearance and its behaviour. As a consequence, the American Kennel Club has recently changed its name simply to the … Read more

Boxer Dog Breeds, Information, Facts, Temperament

Boxer Dog Breed

The history of the Boxer dog breed dates back to the 1830s. Among the breeds that contributed to its ancestry, it is thought that the Bulldog was responsible for introducing the white coloration evident in Boxes today. Great Danes and French Bulldogs may also have been used in the Boxer’s development. This breed did not … Read more

Bull Terrier Dog Breed

Bull Terrier Dog Breed Picture

It is believed that the English White Terrier, which has now vanished, was the main ancestor of this sturdy breed, was the main ancestor of this sturdy dog breed. Crossings involving Bulldogs, Dalmatians and others also played a part in its development. A dog dealer called James Hinks was instrumental in the early stages of … Read more

Border Collie Dog Breed

Border Collie Dog Picture

A true working dog, the Border Collie is another of the breeds that originated in the border counties. It is usually black and white in colour, with some individuals having longer coats than others. There has been less standardization within this breed than many others; in fact, a standard was only drawn up for the … Read more

Bearded Collie Dog Breed

Bearded Collie Dog Breed

An old dog breed, the Bearded Collie appears to have originated in the border area between Scotland and England; dogs of similar appearance have been known here since the eighteenth century. They were originally working dogs, kept for herding sheep and cattle. Their origins may be traced back to the Polish Lowland Sheepdog, which was … Read more

Airedale Terrier Dog Breed

Airedale Terrier Dog Facts

Airedale Terrier is the largest of the terrier breeds, the Airedale is named after the River Aire in Yorkshire, England, where it was first bred. Here it was originally known by a variety of local names, such as the Bingley and the Waterside Terrier. Its present name was established at the Airedale Agricultural Show in … Read more