Kerry Blue Terrier

Kerry Blue Terrier

Developed in the vicinity of County Kerry in southern Ireland well over a hundred years ago, this dog breed shows a clear resemblance to the Bedlington Terrier, which contributed to its ancestry. The Irish Terrier was also used in the development of the Kerry Blue Terrier, as is clearly evident from the shape of the ears, which fall forward onto the forehead. These terriers were used originally to hunt a variety of creatures, notably foxes, badgers and otters, but since then, and especially in the 1920s, they became fashionable show dogs.

Origins: Ireland
Coat Type/Colour: Wiry; black-blue
Height: 18 – 19 Inch (45.5 – 48.5 cm)
Weight: 33 – 37 lb (15 – 16.8 kg)
Classification: Terrier
Nature: Lively, affectionate; sometimes aggressive to other dogs

The coat of the Kerry Blue tends to be soft and wavy. Puppies are born black and their coats will lighten to blue by 18 months old, although they may still retain black points. Interestingly, those puppies whose coloration changes relatively late often have an adult coat that is a more desirable, darker shade of blue.

The Kerry Blue Terrier is a lively breed that does not always agree well with other dogs, although it should develop into an affectionate pet. It will also prove an alert guard dog and a keen rat-catcher. In Eire itself the breed is shown without any trimming, whereas elsewhere the coat is carefully groomed for the show ring.

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