Italian Greyhound Dog Breed

Italian Greyhound Dog Breed Picture

A miniature form of the Greyhound is known to have existed over 2,000 years ago. Subsequently, such dogs became especially fashionable during the sixteenth century in Italy. Here they were kept simply as pets by members of the Italian nobility and soon these miniature Greyhounds were in demand across Europe. Although the trend towards the breeding of an even smaller version caused serious problems for the breed in the second half of the nineteenth century, today the Italian Greyhound is again as sturdy as ever, averaging about 14 Inch (36 cm) in height and weighing approximately 8 lb (3.6 kg).

Origins: Italy
Coat Type/Colour: Very fine, soft; liver and white
Height: 13 – 15 Inch (33 – 38 cm)
Weight: 6-10 lb (2.7 – 4.5 kg)
Classification: Toy/Coursing
Nature: Quiet, Responsive; sensitive to cold

Italian Greyhounds are quiet nd responsive dogs, with affectionate natures. They will enjoy a brisk run off the leash every day, but if the weather is inclement, they should be protected by a coat, as these dogs are sensitive to the cold and may develop kidney problems if chilled. In spite of their speed, they can be trained to return quite easily, and make and ideal companion for young or old alike. Much of the stock available in Europe today actually has a North American ancestry, as many dogs were imported from the United States after the Second World War, to ensure that European bloodlines were preserved.

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