Irish Setter Dog Breed

Irish Setter Dog Information

The stunning appearance of these gundogs ensured their popularity and has led to them often being described as Red Setters. It is not always appreciated, however, that Irish Setters do need a considerable amount of exercise and if frustrated in this regard, they are likely to run off on their own.

Origins: Ireland
Coat Type/Colour: Glossy; Rich Chestnut
Height: 21 – 24 Inch (53.5 – 61 cm)
Weight: 40 – 55 lb (18.2 – 25 kg)
Classification: Gundon/sporting
Nature: Very affectionate and sensitive, sometimes wayward

The breed evolved from a combination of various other setters, such as the English and Gordon, with certain spaniel breeds. These included the Irish Water and Springer Spaniels. Early in its development, white coloration was prominent in its coat, but his form then went into decline until very recently, when it was revived as the Irish Red and White Setter. They are not considered as two separate breeds, while sharing a common ancestry.

Irish Setters are very affectionate dogs, but may prove more difficult to train than some gundogs. They have very sensitive natures, however, and respond to sympathetic handling. Their coats are reasonably easy to keep in top condition by regular brushing. Mud can be combed out of their ‘feathering’ (fringes of longer hair on the legs and body, as well on the ears and tail) with ease once it is dry.

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