How to Exercise Your Dog

How to Exercise Your Dog

Daily Exercise routine must for all types of dogs to keep them healthy. The frequency and duration of exercise depend on the age, size and breed of the dog. Even small dogs who live in small flats need exercise and space to roam around. The larger dogs need to go out on a regular basis because they need a lot of space to run. The dog’s exercise routine is an important part of maintaining its health. If someday the owner is unable to take the pet out for exercise, the basic training at the house should be followed to keep the pet mentally stimulated.

While exercise is very important for dog’s good health, there are small situations where vigorous routine should not be followed.

Puppies and older dogs should not overwork. Pups being in their developmental stages may suffer from permanent injuries. Older dogs may contract problems related to heart, joints or muscles. Even strenuous exercise could lead to diseases or injuries. Hence, for them a slow walk is better. If sometimes the pet becomes ill, the exercise routine needs to be stopped till it recovers.

The dog’s appetite is also a significant factor in exercise. If your dog eats more, then it needs more exercise for higher activity level. Dogs should not be taken for long walks just after the meals. The daily exercise routine should also be avoided when the dog or pet is ill. Excessive exercise may lead to fatigue and serious injuries.

How to Exercise Your Dog – Tips and Advice

Walking is the best and most convenient form of exercise. For more intensive exercise, the level should be gradually built up. The sudden increase can be harmful to the dog’s muscles, joints, and even the footpads. Pregnant females should not be pressed for intensive exercise. The slow walk is enough for them, as they will be carrying pups and the pressure in the abdomen will be more. Exercise in summers should be carefully monitored as dogs tend to be affected by heat and fatigue quickly.

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