How to Choose a Right Dog

Choosing the Right Dog Breed

How to choose a Dog that perfect for your lifestyle. Before choosing a Dog Breed or choosing the right dog for a pet one should keep the following aspects in mind.

  • Need of a pet in the family
  • Space for pet in the House
  • Type of House
  • Age of Owner
  • Type of Animal according to lifestyle
  • Breed i.e. large or small
  • Type of Hair Coat
  • Price of the Dog
  • Purpose to keep the Dog
  • Availability of free time needed by the pet
  • The future of animal in the House
  • Source to buy/adopt the pup or Dog

It is very important to note that though bringing a puppy into the family is an enjoyable experience, yet if the above mentioned aspects and factors are not considered in advance, then many dogs are later found abandoned on streets and in animal shelters, or even dumped or killed.

Where to Buy a Dog

Pups can be bought or adopted from the pet shops or shelters or from friends or breeders. Information is also available in newspapers and magazines. One should make sure that the dog is healthy and free of any hereditary imperfections. The place from where the animal is bought or picked up should by hygienic and well-kept.

One should always keep in mind the space requirements, time and care needed for a pet. As a large breed dog will now grow up well in flats, only small breed dogs are best suitable options for that. All the dogs need daily grooming and exercise; if you don’t have so much time, then never buy a long-haired dog who needs extra care and time; in such conditions one should go for short-haired dogs. Thus, one should buy or adopt a pet according to his lifestyle.

Parallel to these are more factors like how much will be the cost to keep a pet including feeding, grooming, health care and training. Sometimes all the members of a family don’t agree to keep a pet ass they don’t want to take responsibilities or may be allergic to animal hair. Likewise, pets should be  selected according to a person’s personality, i.e. either docile or actie. If you have plenty of time then the pets will get enough exercise and care. So, the breed should be chosen accordingly.

People should consider the factors why they want to keep a pet, whether they want the dog for company, pleasure, safety, show off or just as a loving pet. The breed characteristics of dogs vary and one should be clear about their needs. Choosing a wrong pet may become trouble for owners. A veterinarian’s guidance is beneficial while considering all these factors.

The age of the pup should be taken into consideration as well. It should not be separated from mother until it is eight weeks old. At the same time, it is imperative to know the quality of pup. Before bringing the pup people should collect the following things:

Bowls: There should be at least two bowls, one for water and other for food. Fresh water should be available 24 hours a day. Food should be given only in the bowls so that they will identify them as their own and the place of feeding should be fixed as well. It will help in developing their food and drinking habits.

Bet or Cushion: A separate bed or cushion for pup/dogs should be provided so that they recognise the bed as their own space and rest only at that place. They should not be allowed to sleep in any other bed as they may develop this habit which will be very difficult for the owners. Never disturb the dogs while they are sleeping as they can attack you.

Selecting the Best Veterinarian

When the above aspects has been considered and discussed with family members, then owners duty is to select the best veterinarian. People can proceed for that via magazine advertisements, friends or neighbours. They should visit veterinary clinics in advance to check the efficiency and capabilities of a veterinarian. Finally, the owners should visit a veterinarian and discuss all the details about dog breed, food, care, exercise and training.

If you follow the above tips and tricks, then you can easily choosing the right dog for you that matches with your lifestyle.

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