How Long Does a Male & Female Dog Stay in the Heat Last

How Long Does a Dog Stay in the Heat

A very important question in the reproduction of animals especially dogs, before we answer the question how long does a male & female dog stay in heat? Let’s have an understanding of what heat means as related to an animal of a reproductive animal.

Heat in dogs is the reproductive cycle in which a female starts to seek for a mate when she attains puberty. Heat in female dogs’ starts at different stages depending on the size and the breed. Majorly, small breeds have a tendency of going into their first heat at an age of six months while large breeds can even take one to two years. It is advisable not to breed the young female dogs at their first or second cycle of heat since their eggs have not reached full maturity.

Due to the hormonal changes, the dog will present herself in a manner that will indicate that she is on the heat. Some of the noticeable changes include; urinating frequently, swollen vulva, increased nervousness and bleeding. She will also be attracted a lot by the male dogs and hence tend to present herself by raising and holding her tail off to the side.

How long does a dog stay in heat?

Heat period is also known as the estrus cycle in reproductive animals including humans is the period when the reproductive organs are in their most fertile state. Having answered the question of how long does a dog stay in heat let’s move to the state of the dog while in the heat period without losing focus on the question. How long does a dog stay in heat? This question is very complex as it seeks to know how long the period lasts does.

Stages of Heat in Dogs

How long does a dog stay in heat strictly depends on the breeds of the dog as non-sprayed dogs would normally go into heat twice in a year or every six months as the case may be? How long does a dog stay in the heat is also depended on the age when the dog starts its heat.

This period has different stages that one needs to understand better before choosing to mate. The first nine days of the cycle, the female dog is not receptive to the male dogs though some dogs tend to receptive in the whole cycle. So answering the question is not that a straight forward question as it looks from the face of it. We listed into four different stages, these stages are important to the successful analysis of this topic.

Stage 1: How Long does a dog stay in heat begins with the first stage of the heat period called PROSESTERUS, at this stage, there is usually a discharge from the vagina, body fluids come out from the vagina indiscriminately unlike the period before the heat. In this period male dogs are usually attracted to females but the female dogs are not willing to mate. These are early signs and it is easily noticeable in female dogs and it is usually between 4-20 days.

During this stage, the female dog tends to produce a colored discharge and the vulva is usually swollen. The dog spends a lot of time licking the vulva. The amount of blood discharge will depend on the breed of the dog. At this stage, the dog will keep on bleeding but she will not be willing to mate with the males. You need to maintain high levels of cleanliness during this period.

Stage 2: The second stage in how long a dog stays in heat is called ESTRUS. This is the stage when the dog becomes fertile and usually lasts for around five to fourteen days. During this stage, heat is reflected in the color of the body discharge or vagina discharge as the discharge becomes colorful. At this stage the color of the discharge is usually yellowish; during this phase, mating takes place, unlike the earlier stage where the female dog is unwilling to the mate. At this stage, the male tends to approach the female to mate and the female would accept intercourse with other males. At this period it is advised not to go close to the male dogs approaching the female because they are more aggressive and tend to bite when they want o mate.

Stage 3: The third stage of the heat cycle is referred to as diestrus. This period lasts for at most two months and the female dog is not fertile anymore. At this stage, the female dog will still tend to attract the male dogs due to her scent.

Stage 4: Finally, the last stage of the heat cycle is called anestrus. This is the period where the female dog goes back to its normal behavior. This period lasts for around four months and is between diestrus and the nest proestrus stages. This period will tend to vary a lot depending on the breed.

This period takes between 5-13 days after which is next to the METESTRUS period. The length is usually 60-90 days if the female dog is pregnant and the pregnancy stays for about 64 days in the dog. How long does a dog period last cannot be complete in the context of this list of stages in heat period in a female dog without the fourth stage, which is called ANESTRUS, this period is that of sexual and hormonal inactivity and it’s between 2-3 months.

Unlike human beings, dogs have no menopause hence the estrus cycle happens throughout the dog’s life cycle. Therefore spraying their female dogs prevents them from going through the estrus cycle. Spaying female dogs before the first heat are beneficial since it helps to prevent uterine infections and mammary cancer.