Great Dane Dog Breed

Great Dane Dog Information

Great Dane Dog is the tallest of the various mastiff breeds, and has been known for over 400 years. Its modern ancestry can be traced back to Germany, where these dogs were originally used for hunting wild boar. Here they are known as Deutsche Dogge and the original German standard for the breed has since received virtually universal acceptance. Brindle, fawn, blue and black varieties are all recognized, as well as a harlequin form. This is basically white with the body coloration broken by either black or blue patches, although the former coloration is favoured.

Origins: Germany
Coat Type/Colour: Short; Wide Variety
Height: 30 Inch + (76 cm)
Weight: 120 lb (54.4 kg)
Classification: Working/Guard
Nature: Can be clumsy; Generally good-natured

The short coat of the Great Dane is easy to keep in good condition by using a body brush. Although they require plenty of exercise, do not be tempted to allow young puppies to run excessibely before the age of six months or so, as this can cause lasting damage to the tendons and joints in the limbs. Bigger dogs in general tend to have a faster growth rate than the toy breeds, which can leave them more susceptible to problems of this type. Naturally, the Great Dane’s appetite is in proportion to its size.

You may need to rearrange you house with a Great Dane puppy around, as they tend to be rather clumsy and bang into things. As a result of their size, they are not the best choice for a home with young children, although this breed is generally good-natured.

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