Irish Wolfhound Dog Breed

Irish Wolfhound Dog Breed Information

The future of the Irish Wolfhound was in doubt during the early years of the nineteenth century once the wolves themselves had been eliminated from Ireland. The breed had been kept here for as long as 2,000 years, its ancestors being known to the Romans. The survival of these friendly giants was almost entirely due … Read more

Great Dane Dog Breed

Great Dane Dog Information

Great Dane Dog is the tallest of the various mastiff breeds, and has been known for over 400 years. Its modern ancestry can be traced back to Germany, where these dogs were originally used for hunting wild boar. Here they are known as Deutsche Dogge and the original German standard for the breed has since … Read more

Scottish Deerhound Dog Breed

Scottish Deerhound Dog Information

Better known in North America as the Scottish Deerhound, these hounds were bred before the advent of the gun, to assist in the capture of red deer for the table. Pace and stamina were essential characteristics, and Greyhounds appear to have been involved in their early development. Changes in hunting techniques contributed to the decline … Read more