French Bulldog

French Bulldog Breed Information

In the middle of the nineteenth century, bulldogs were among the most popular dogs in England, especially in urban areas. Various strains were available and among these were miniature forms, which appear to have been common in the Midlands. These appealed particularly to French breeders and a number were in all likelihood exported to France during this period.

Origins: United States
Coat Type/Colour: Smooth: Dark Brown and White
Height: 12 Inch (30.5 cm)
Weight: 28 lb (12.7 kg)
Classification: Utility/Companion/Sporting
Nature: Intelligent, quite; requires little exercise

From France these dogs were taken to the United States. While European breeders tended to favour the floppy or ‘rose’ ear characteristic of the Bulldog itself, American enthusiasts preferred to breed these smaller bulldogs with upright, bat-type ears. These dogs were brought to England about 1900, and a dispute promptly broke out over their name because it was felt in some quarters that the term ‘bull-dog’ could only be associated with a British breed.

Agreement was finally reached, however, and today the French Bulldog is highly appreciated both as a pet and by breeders. Its faciat changes are less extreme than those presently associated with the Bulldog. It does not snuffle to the same extent, nor is it as susceptible to heat exhaustion. Even so, it is not a great lover of exercise, and will be content with a short walk each day, broken by a brief period off the leash. You may need to watch for occasional signs of localized infection in its facial creases, but this can be dealt with effectively through treatment by your veterinarian.

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