Fox Terriers: Wire and Smooth

Fox Terriers Dog Breed

Both the Wire and Smooth-coated Fox Terriers share a common ancestry and are thought to be the descendants of some of the old terrier breeds of England, crossed with hounds. They were used for hunting purposes, and have remained active dogs best suited to a country environment today.

Origins: Great Britain
Coat Type/Colour: Smooth/Wiry; Black, White and Tan
Height: 16 Inch (40.5 cm)
Weight: 16 – 18 lb (7.3 – 8.2 kg)
Classification: Terrier
Nature: Inquisitive and Lively

In an earlier stage in their history, it was usual to cross both coat types together, but they are not recognized as separate breeds. Undoubtedly, the Smooth Fox Terrier is the easier form to care for, its short coat needing just an occasional brushing to remain in good condition. The Wire Fox Terrier will need stripping, to remove dead hairs from the coat.

This can be carried out by hand, but will prove to be a time-consuming process, so pet owners may resort to having their dogs trimmed instead. Nevertheless, the Wire Fox Terrier has become a very popular breed internationally, a well-manicured show dog looking both impressive and appealing. In terms of temperament, these are typical terriers, with inquisitive and lively natures.

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