Flat-Coated Retriever Dog Breed

Flat-Coated Retriever Dog Information

For many years, following its introduction to Britain in 1860 up until the First World War, the Flat-coated dog breed was the most popular of all retriever breeds, Subsequently, the essentially more colourful Golden and Labrador Retrievers took over this role, as the great estates with their gamekeepers broke up and the dog fancy developed to cater for the tastes of the exhibitor and pet-seeker. Originally known as the Wavy-coated Retriever, the inclusion of setters in the breeding gave rise to the coat type associated with this breed today.

Origins: Newfoundland
Coat Type/Colour: Glossy; Black/liver
Height: 22 – 23 Inch (56 – 58.5 cm)
Weight: 60 – 70  lb (27.2 – 31.8 kg)
Classification: Gundog/sporting
Nature: Hardy; very responsive to training

The Flat-coated dog breed has undergone something of a revival, however, and achieved the Best in Show award at Crufts in 1980. As could be expected, these are hardy dogs and very responsive to training. They can make good house pets, but require a good period of exercise every day, which is easier to provide in rural surroundings. Their distinctive coat is relatively easy to keep in top condition through brushing. In terms of coloration, the Flat-coated Retriever is either a glossy black or liver, with no white markings being permitted.

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