English Setter Dog Breed

English Setter Dog Breed Picture

The history of the English Setter dog breed dates back to about the middle of the nineteenth century, when, according to contemporary accounts, these dogs were developed from spaniels. The purpose of a setter was to locate game and then drop down to indicate its presence. The breed was first taken to the United States in 1874, and here they soon began to make a strong impression in field trials.

Origins: England
Coat Type/Colour: Silky; Wide Variety
Height: 25 – 27 Inch (63.5 – 68.5 cm)
Weight: 66 lb (30 kg)
Classification: Gundog/Sporting
Nature: An ‘outdoor’ dog; gentle and affectionate

The English Setter is still highly valued as a gundog and can be trained quite easily for this purpose. These dogs enjoy an outdoor life and should never be kept in a small apartment, deprived of the opportunity for proper exercise. They have been bred in various colour combinations with white, including liver, lemon and black forms. There is also a tri-colour, which is black, white and tan.

Providing you have adequate space, this gentle and affectionate breed will be an ideal choice as a family pet, although the coat will require grooming and some trimming to maintain its good condition. It is customary to bathe these dogs prior to a show and then comb the coat flat while it is still wet, leaving it to dry in this position.

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