Elkhound (Norwegian Elkhound) Dog Breed

Elkhound Dog Breed Information

Sometimes known also as the Norwegian Elkhound, especially in the United States, these ancient Nordic dogs were originally bred to track elk and other large animals, including bears, wolves and lynx. Within Scandinavia, there were several slightly different types, some of which were also used to pull sleighs. Instead of simply locating quarry, these dogs actually sought to drive it towards the hunter, which called for a considerable degree of courage.

Origins: Norway
Coat Type/Colour: Fluffy; Grey/Black
Height: 20 ½ Inch (52 cm)
Weight: 50 lb (22.7 kg)
Classification: Hound/Large Hound
Nature: Tough, Devoted

Elkhounds were shown for the first time in 1877, at a gathering organized by the Norwegian Hunters’ Association. They have remained tough, hardy dogs and make devoted companions. An active breed, Elkhounds require plenty of exercise and can be trained quite easily. There is a slight discrepancy in their classification, however, because the European canine authority, known as the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) distinguishes between the Norwegian Elkhound, which is grey in colour, and a slightly smaller form, known as the Black Norwegian Elkhound. Furthermore, a breed called the Jamthund or Swedish Elkhound is also recognized by the same organization.

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