Training of Pet Dogs: Puppy and Dog Obedience Training Tips for Dog Owners

Dog Obedience Training

Training the Dog is a must. Owners are responsible in putting their best efforts to give good house training. The training age for pups is eight weeks when they begin to respond well. But, as they are quite young, they can forget the lessons very soon. So, one should never beat them. Any kind of punishment will not be helpful for their training. Does never dirty their own place until and unless they are confined in that area for long. They will always use far off places from the previous one to relieve themselves. This habit can be used as a good tool for dog training. Confinement is the basic rule of training. Pups will use their instincts not to soil their own bed and will wait to be taken to proper place where they can relieve themselves. For good training, owners should take them to appropriate place after giving meal. Proper time should be anticipated when the dog is likely to relieve itself.

Before bringing in the new puppy at home, the owner should prepare a safe place; where it can feel safe, secure and homely, but not isolated. To confine the puppies different wire pens are available in different sizes, shapes, types and materials. Collapsable wire pens are also available which can be put adjacent to walls or one can get fixed pens which can be put permanently. Dimensions of the pen should be according to the size and age of puppy but the space should be sufficient for it to move around and sleep. Lots of newspapers should be put over the ground surface and keep bowls and toys inside it.

Dogs as Pets are often considered to be the trusted companions of man and the way they return the faith makes them all the more endearable to man. Men and women like to keep dogs as pets as they often become their trustful companions. But, it is one thing to keep dogs as pets, and an entirely different thing to keep them healthy and strong. The bond that develops between a man and a dog becomes very strong and there have been many witnesses that shows the faithfulness of dogs towards their masters.

Training of Pet Dogs is Extremely Necessary for Dog Lovers

Training of Pet Dogs is extremely necessary for dog lovers as they might often face problems with certain hostile behavior from the side of the dogs. Pet Dogs’ Training is very useful and help dog lovers in many ways. Training of Pet Dogs has many features and almost all of them are pretty significant. It has often been found that owners are not able to understand the needs 0of their dogs and often misinterpret their unusual behavior as vindictiveness or viciousness. This unusual behavior of the pet dogs are often seen as aggression, and this aggression is quite natural from the point of view of the dogs. Their aggressive behavior is often a result of their fundamental characteristic traits, but this is often misinterpreted.

Pet Dogs Training includes lessons on how to control the aggressive traits of a dog. It has been found that a dog is influenced by five basic sorts of aggression, namely aggression out of fear, aggression out of a streak for dominance, territorial or protective aggression, aggression that is redirected and aggression out of their possessive nature. Dogs often dwell in packs, and inn those packs the dominant one tries to dominate the submissive ones. And when a dog is introduced into a family, it often takes the family as its pack and tries to fit into the family by taking up the challenge of dominating the weakest member of the pack. As a result children are often faced with dog aggression.

Dogs often shows aggressiveness when they feel that someone is trying to dominate them and as a result they respond in an aggressive way. This aggression is portrayed when a dog is disturbed while it is resting comfortably on its favorite couch. Even hugging can result in aggression as dogs often takes it to be a gesture of showing dominance. It abhors the fact that someone is trying to pet it. On other occasions, it may be extremely friendly and cooperative, and these same gestures is not resented at all. This is a very characteristic feature of dogs. Aggressive dogs are often difficult to handle and they often urinate around the house to mark their territory. These dogs are of pure breed. Lessons on Training of Pet Dogs is important for this kind of dogs.

Dog Toilet and Potty Training

Dog toilet training or potty training is one of the important aspect of training as the owner has to keep a lot of patience. People can initially use the newspapers so that the pup will relieve itself on it. Always put the newspapers wherever it relieves itself. Then put these newspapers outside, where you want to take the pup out for toilet. Slowly your dog will learn to relieve outside the house. But a pup should not be let outside until it is vaccinated and immunized against diseases like canine distemper and parvovirus. It should not come in direct contact with other dogs, or dog stool or urine of falling ill. It is important that the puppy is brought when the owner has a lot of time to spare in home for toilet training or potty training and adjusting the new entrant to the family. The pup will need to go after eating food, drinking water, waking up from sleep and before going to bed in the night. There will be a gap of at least 2-3 hrs and pup will give indications like sniffing the floor, circling or may cry as well.

Dog Potty Training

Dog Outdoor Training or Paper Training

At the first stage of toilet training, cover the whole floor area of the pup’s kennel with lots of newspapers so that it will defecate only on these. This area should be away from its bed and thus paper can be gradually removed and taken outside for outdoor training. Pup should always be taken to the same place as the scent of urine remains and so next time this spot will act as a stimulation for it to urinate. Most of the puppies may sniff or keep on circling but they will relieve themselves only after reaching that particular spot. So, always have patience and let them walk, even if it is a long walk. Always praise and pat the pup if it defecates on the right place. This process may take couple of weeks, so this process should be repeated every time. Do not leave them on their own until they are trained completely otherwise sudden urge or their scent may cause them to urinate inside the house.

Do not scold or punish the pup if it urinates inside the house. As they might get confused and nervous and sensitive pups may urinate again. Don’t rub puppy’s nose in his urine or faces as he may lick his nose to clean it and may eat that excreta and might get habitual of this bad habit. Whenever a pup urinates inside the house, keep patience, clean the floor and keep an observant eye on pup to take it out for the routing work. To mask the scent of their urine, always clean the floor with a solution of water and vinegar.

Training Tips for Adult Dogs – Tips & Advice That Work

An adult dog has greater learning capacity than a young pup. It will understand all praises, punishments and emotions better. Before starting the training of an adult dog one should assume that do will take time to adjust with new surroundings. Even if the dog has been trained by the previous owner, it is likely react to strange situations or objects in nervousness and may even urinate. Male dogs urinate because of their natural instinct to mark the territory. So, follow the basic rules of house training. Confine the dog or restrict its movements to kitchen or other room where it can have its own bed and feeding bowls.

For confinement and safety purpose, crates can be used. Before confining the dog, always take it out for walks to relieve itself. It will never soil its own bed till next walk and this can be a tool for house training. Do should be given proper exercise and walks in the morning, evening i.e. at least two or three times during the day. Dogs need to relieve themselves, so, paper and outdoor training will be helpful for different weather conditions.

Female dog’s urine scent will attract other male dogs especially when it is in heat. The male dogs can smell that scent from a distance and will even crowd around the house, which can be a nuisance. At that time precautions should be taken to avoid mismating. Male and female dogs have different ways to relieve themselves. Male dogs release a little urine at a time to mark the whole area. They start lifting their legs at about four months or age and continue that even when they grow up. Female dogs empty their bladder completely. After selecting a spot, the female dog will prefer to urinate completely. Always praise the dog, when it performs at the right place. It will feel happy and will correlate all these situations. When the dog is fully trained, he can be left open in the house.

Training an Older Dogs – How to Train an Older Dogs to go to the Bathroom Outside

Older dogs are like puppies and they need more care and attention. They may have problem of frequent urination as in old age the sphincter muscles don’t work properly and tonicity is lost which causes dribbling of urine. They should be examined by veterinarian for proper diagnosis and treatment. They may have kidney disorders. For this increased or decreased urination or abnormal thirst should be checked.

Other problems may be blood in the urine, dysuria, vomiting, diarrhoea and the dog should be brought to veterinarian for treatment. Older dogs may have constipation also because they are given the same amount of food while their energy requirement is comparatively less. Owners would have to be patient and understanding to take of older dog.

Puppy & Dogs Training is also necessary to curb the other kind of aggressions in dogs and the training tips are extremely helpful to the owners.