Dog Feeding Chart and Requirements

Dog Feeding Schedule Guide

Food requirement varies from pups, to adult dogs, and females. It also varies according to the breed of the dog. Two types of food are available in the market – Dry food and Canned food.

Dry foods in comparison to canned foods are better as they are easy to store, convenient to use, keep the dog’s teeth clean, are a good exercise to gumgs and are cheaper as well. Ingredients and composition of food is made according to the requirement of beed and age of the dog.

Dog Feeding Chart

What is the Best Puppy Food

Till the age of 8 weeks pups should only be fed mother’s milk. Weaning should be gradual as the pups begin to take more solid food. Initially, milk, cheese, curd, cerelac, etc. can be given. Cow’s or buffalo’s milk should be avoided as pups may have diarrhoea. The cow’s or buffalo’s milk does not contain the necessary fats present in the mother’s milk.

The amount of food to be given depends on the breed category and activity. Puppies should be fed at least three to four times a day till the age of 6 months. Later the diet can be reduced to two or three times a day. Pups should be fed in small quantity as their digestive system is not well developed and they could vomit or suffer from diarrhoea. Fresh water should be always available. Adequate quantity should be given for optimum growth and good health. Overfeeding the puppies can cause increase in their weight which may result in injury to bones, joints, or muscles.

Best Adult Dog Food

Adult dogs should be fed according to their activity. Number of meals can be reduced to 2 or 3 times a day and this should be maintained as per the body requirement. Proper exercise schedule should be followed to keep them active.

Pregnant and Lactating Female Dog Food

In pregnancy the requirement of food increases as body weight increases. The female dog should be fed a balanced diet 3 to 4 times a day. Heavy meals should be avoided as it may feel discomfort. Follow the same schedult during lactation period as well. During the weaning of puppies, the mother’s diet should be reduced so that it may return to normal body condition.

Dog Food for Older Dogs

Are you thinking, what is the best dog food for older dogs. In old age, the metabolic activity in the body reduces, and with it decreases the food requirement in dogs. So, it is important to maintain a normal body condition. The dogs should not be overfed as it may lead to obesity which in turn may lead to problems in joints and bones. It may even reduce the life of the dog. So, balanced and proper diet should be given to maintain the general body health.

Easily digestable food should be given to older dogs. Raw eggs should not be fed. Egg white is harmful as it interferes with absorption of vitamin, biotin, while egg yolk is good for hair coat. Bones should be avoided as they may get lodged in digestive tract and could tear the intestines. Large marrow bones can be given but they should be properly boiled before feeding.

How much to Feed a Dog

Feed your dog the same kind of food everyday. Unlike humans, the digestive system of a dog cannot handle food changes, which can lead to upset stomach. If a new food needs to be introduced, gradually transition the dog to the new meal by mixing small portions to the diet, and gradually increasing the portion while phasing out the old.

Always monitor your dog’s weight and activity level. Always stick to a fixed feeding schedult. Do not make any sudden change in the diet or don’t feed any scraps from the table in between their own meals as it may upset then digestive system and the pups could end up with diarrhoea or other problems.

What Not to Feed Dogs

Some people are very serious for their dog and want to know the correct answer for what not to feed to their dogs. Here we mentioned some of the basic feeding tips for dog that what to feed dogs and what not to feed dogs.

  • Feed the dog at the same time everyday.
  • Keep the feeding and water bowls clean.
  • Always consult the vet as to how many times your pet needs to be fed in a day.
  • Always keep fresh drinking water available.
  • Do not overfeed your pet.

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