Most Common Dog Diseases Transmitted to Humans

Dog Diseases Transmitted to Humans

Diseases that are spread from an animal host to a human being referred to as zoonotic infections. It is essential to always take your pets especially dogs to a veterinarian on a regular basis. This ensures that people don’t contract these diseases. It is also necessary to apply proper sanitation to avoid the transmission of animal-borne infections.

Most pet animals are hosts to various viruses, bacteria, fungi and other harmful parasites that can bring serious diseases when they spread to people. Mostly these diseases that are suffered by animals can also infect people if they come into contact with infected animal’s wastes such as feces, dander or saliva, get bitten or even injured by an infected host.

These dog diseases can affect humans in many ways. They are very severe in infants, little children, pregnant women, and individuals who have weak immune systems due to a previous sickness. The following are some of the most common dog diseases transmitted to humans.

Rabies Disease

This disease caused by viruses that penetrate the victim’s body through a wound or bite from an infected host. Dogs are the most common hosts for this disease. The risk of Rabies transmission can be reduced by inoculating your pets regularly.

Rabies Dog Disease

RMSF (Rocky Mountain spotted fever)

The disease is transmitted by ticks which have been infected by the Rickettsia bacteria. These ticks are commonly found in dogs. Rocky Mountain spotted fever signs, and symptoms include high fever, headaches, chills, muscle aches, and skin inflammation especially around the ankles, soles, palms, and parts of the animal or human body.

RMSF (Rocky Mountain spotted fever)

Giardia Disease

This is a tiny intestinal parasite that is regularly found in animals such as dogs; the parasite can also be transmitted to humans. The disease has the same symptoms in both human and animal hosts; these symptoms comprise of queasiness, diarrhea, and other stomach related problems. However –it is possible for a host to have the disease without showing any signs.

Giardia Disease

Giardia is transmitted through consumption of food or water which is contaminated by the infected animal’s feces; it is essential to use proper hygiene when disposing of animal wastes.

Sarcoptic Mange Disease

This disease is frequently referred to as Scabies. Sarcoptic Mange is brought by a small mite that hides in an animal’s skin causing severe burning and irritation of the skin. This disease is most common in dogs and can be transmitted to human. Fortunately, infected humans are not severely affected by this disease as it affects infected dogs. Among the disease’s symptoms includes the loss of hair, intense itching. In case you notice that your dog experiences discomfort caused by itchiness or it has patches with no hair; consider taking the pet to your vet immediately.

Sarcoptic Mange Disease

All these diseases are very harmful to the human being, so be careful about these dog diseases that humans can get.

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