Best Dog Breeds for Apartments Living: Large and Medium-Sized Apartment Dogs

Best Dog Breeds for Apartments Living

Are you living in Apartments and searching for some dog breeds for apartment living? There is a wide variety of large and medium-sized apartment dogs that will be ideal for you in your living arrangement. Dogs are man’s best friend. They are loyal, protective and bring warmth and a burst of joy to your home. If you live in a small apartment, you will be happy to find out that you do not have to miss out on this beautiful experience. Here we shall delve into some of the best dog breeds for apartment living.

1. Cocker Spaniel Dog Breed – Best Dogs for Apartment Living

Cocker Spaniel Dog Breed

The Cocker Spaniel is one of the best dogs for apartment living. Although they require regular exercise and walks, they can spend most of their day in the house lying in their corner. Hence, they will be comfortable in small quarters.

2. Italian Greyhound Dog Breed

Italian Greyhound Dog Breed Picture
Italian Greyhound

The Italian Greyhound is a shy and rigid little mutt. They require a lot of love, attention, and affection, to keep them from always hiding in their little corner. The 13-15 inch dog is just the perfect size for your apartment. They also do not require a lot of cleaning after.

3. Schnauzer Dog Breed – Small Apartment Living

Giant Schnauzer Dog Breed
Giant Schnauzer Dog Breed

The Schnauzer is ideal for a small apartment dweller looking for a spirited and enthusiastic companion. This particular mutt always shows an eagerness to keep their human safe. They require daily or regular walks as an outlet for all their energy. You will also have to be at the top of your grooming game with this one.

4. Pug Dog Breed – Friendly Apartment Dog

Pug Dog Breed Information
Pug Dog Breed

A complete opposite of the Schnauzer, the Pug, is a friendly apartment dog that is content with just one walk a day. It can spend the whole day inside the house and does not thrive as much on attention.

Being a dog owner is not a reserve for those who dwell in vast and spacious homes. You too can enjoy the company of large and medium-sized apartment dogs.

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