Dalmatian Dog Breed

Dalmatian Dog Breed

This elegant dog breed was originally developed in Yugoslavia and subsequently brought to Britain where it became popular as a carriage dog during the eighteenth century, although its original function was probably to protect travellers against highwaymen. Dalmatians were also known for a time as ‘firehouse dogs’, because they used to accompany horse-drawn fire wagons through the streets of London.

Origins: Yugoslavia
Coat Type/Colour: Short; Black and White
Height: 23 – 24 Inch (58.5 – 61 cm)
Weight: 55 lb (25 kg)
Classification: Utility/non-sporting/companion
Nature: Energetic; good house dog

These are very good house dogs and make dependable guardians. They are unlikely to bark unless there is a stranger in the vicinity. You must to allow them a good run every day, however, which may not always be easy in a town. Dalmatians are energetic dogs by nature. Interestingly, their puppies are born pure white in colour and only develop their characteristic spots during the first few weeks of life. The short coat itself requires very little attention, even during a moult.

Check that any puppy that you are thinking of purchasing has normal hearing, as some individuals can prove deaf. In a good exhibition dog, the spots should be clearly defined and circular in shape. Although black-spotted Dalmatians are most common, there is also a variety with spots that are liver brown in colour. The coat itself needs the minimum of grooming to stay in good condition, but, particularly during a moult, brushing should be carried out in the garden to save loose hairs from being shed around the home.

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