Collie: Rough and Smooth Dog Breed

Collie: Rough and Smooth Dog Information

Collies were another of the herding dogs originally bred in Scotland, although their ancestors may have come from Iceland. They first attracted widespread attention when Queen Victoria brought some of these dogs back to her kennels after a visit to Scotland in 1860. The Rough Collie has since become by far the most popular of the two forms, helped perhaps by its involvement in the various Lassie films.

Origins: Scotland
Coat Type/Colour: Rought/flowing; wide variety
Height: 22 – 24 Inch (56 – 61 cm); 18 – 19 ½ Inch (45.5 – 48.5 cm)
Weight: 45- 65 lb (20.4 – 29.5 kg); 35 – 45 lb (13.6 – 20.4 kg)
Classification: working/herding
Nature: Strong-willed, requires much exercise

Both the Smooth Collie and the Rough Collie are very similar, apart from their coat type, the Rough Collie obviously being the more demanding in this respect. There colour varieties are recognized. These are the sable and white, which can vary from light gold to a rich shade of mahogany, the tri-colour, which is a combination of black, white and tan, especially on the head and legs, and the blue merle, which is silver-blue, with black mixed in with the coloured hairs.

Collies have the typical characteristics of most sheep dogs, They are easy to train and delight in human company. They usually settle well as family pets, provided that they can have a run every day. Provided that they can have a run every day. They are loyal guards and prove wary of strangers.

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