Chow Chow Dog Breed

Chow Chow Dog Breed

This ancient Chinese breed has served a variety of purposes since its development many thousands of years ago. Its history is said to date back to the eleventh century BC, and in these early years Chow Chow were kept for hunting purposes. One Chinese emperor is said to have maintained a kennel of 5,000 of these dogs, cared for by 10,000 people! Subsequently, the breed was kept as a source of food, with young dogs being reared solely for this purpose on a diet comprised mainly of grain. The Chow Chow has also been used as a means of transporting goods and pulling sledges, and its fur has been made into clothing.

Origins: China
Coat Type/Colour: Profuse; bronze
Height: 18 Inch min (45.5 cm)
Weight: 55 – 60 lb (25 – 27.2 kg)
Classification: Utility/Non-Sporting/Companion
Nature: Often loyal, sometimes bad-tempered

Chow Chow dog were first seen in Britain during the latter part of the eighteenth century, and were originally, exhibited as wild dogs. They later gained more widespread acceptability when kept by Queen Victoria. Unfortunately, in spite of their close association with people, Chow Chow dogs are not always the best tempered of dogs. They can also be very difficult to train, compared with other dog breeds. Yet the Chow Chow often develops into a loyal companion, preferring to live with an individual person rather than as a family dog.

A good brushing is required to keep its coat in good condition, especially in the case of a long-coated dog. Regular exercise, preferably away from other dogs, is essential as well. As show dogs, Chow Chows often reign supreme, and a member of this breed holds the record out of all breeds for the greatest number of Challenge Certificates ever won.

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