Can Dogs Have Pickles: Are Pickles Bad for Dogs?

Building your dog’s diet and knowing the foods that they can eat and the ones that are dangerous for them is something that every dog owner can relate to, as we already know, not every food that is good for us will be good for our dogs but whether pickles are good for dogs or not? So, we did some research about can dogs eat pickles which is crucial to keep our dog’s health and avoid any unwanted surprise.

The star ingredient of today’s article is a pickle. Pickles are healthy food for humans that can fight against diabetes, obesity and are full of antioxidants, but does this mean that it is good for our dogs? Not really.

Can Dogs Eat Pickles Safely?

The answer to this question is yes and no. Why? Because it depends on the type of pickles, the spices added to it and other types of ingredients that it can have. Pickles by itself are not bad for dogs, they won’t kill them, but it doesn’t mean they can eat it them regularly.

Can Dogs Eat Pickles

Regular pickles are soaked in salt, vinegar, and other spices, it can contain other types of vegetables and here is where you have to catch and eye on, it the pickles has onions you definitely can’t give it to your dog, onions are extremely dangerous for dogs since it can cause hemolytic anemia, a condition where the red cell blood doesn’t work properly.

The amount of sodium and salt can also be fatal to your dog, it will make him extremely thirsty and can result in a sodium poisoning, the symptoms of high sodium intake are diarrhea, depression, vomiting, tremors, convulsions, heart attacks, etc.

The dill pickles are mixed of pickles, vinegar, water, salt, and an antioxidant herb is known as dill. This variation is healthier than the regular one, but since it still contains high amounts of sodium, it is not really considered a healthy choice for your dog. They can also contain garlic which is toxic in large amounts and can lead to garlic poisoning. It will be healthier to give your dog the dill alone without the pickles, dills have potential benefits on fighting against your dog’s bad breath.

Another variation is the hot spicy pickles, these ones contain garlic, hot red peppers, and salty spices, I’m sure you would love to try this one, but if your dog eats it in large amounts, he will have diarrhea and upset stomach.

The sweet pickles are probably the healthiest variation since it doesn’t contain so many spices and salt if your dog is a big fan of pickles you can give him small doses of this one, but be cautious, large amounts of any type of pickles will be dangerous for your dog.

Another uncommon variation is the lime pickles, these one are limes soaked with vinegar, salt, and other spices. Dogs don’t like citrus fruits and it can also be toxic for them, your dog might experience symptoms like diarrhea, upset stomach and vomiting.

My Dog is Crazy about Pickles, What Can I Do About It?

Maybe this is not the first time your dog gets caught stealing pickles to eat them, you try to avoid it, but you can’t he just loves them. If that’s the case try doing him a salad and add a few pieces of sweet pickles, your dog will love it and call also get benefits from other vegetables that are healthy for him. You can also use a few pieces of sweet pickles to add different flavors to meat or chicken, your dog will thank you that.

If you are going to buy the pickles at the supermarket make sure to look up the ingredient list in case it can contain a toxic ingredient for your dog like garlic, onion, etc. The best option will be to do your own homemade pickles, then you can make sure what ingredients to add and it will be healthier for your dog

What are the Alternatives to Pickles that are Healthier for My Dog?

Cucumbers are a good choice; you can add some apple cider vinegar to make them more delicious and will add some extra benefits like improving their digestive system, preventing urinary tract infections (UTis), etc.

Gherkings are a Mexican vegetable that looks alike to cucumbers and is also used in pickles, but you can use them to make a homemade healthier version of pickles to your dog, don’t feed your dog with too large amounts since it contains sodium.

Bread and butter pickles are a variation to the sweet pickles, but with celery seeds and coriander, these two vegetables are actually pretty good for dogs, the celery is low in fat and full of vitamins and is a great source of fiber. The coriander is also full of vitamins and minerals and is a non-toxic herb for dogs.

Conclusion – Are Pickles Good for Dogs or Not?

Balance is the key. Does your dog just eat two pickles without noticing until he is almost finishing with them? Don’t get panic or crazy about taking your dog to the vet, nothing bad won’t happen to him. Now, if he eats a full jar, that is going to be a whole different story.

You can use pickles as a treat for your dog or follow the recommendations I gave to you above, but always give him small doses and not every single day.

Being a dog owner can sometimes seem a little hard because their diet is almost completely different that ours. Doing some research and finding out the right foods for your dog and which one he never has to eat is a key to the process of maintaining his health, It is also important to know your dog and which are his favorite foods to compliment them on his diet on a healthy way.

Pickles, like some other foods, are one of those things we commonly wonder if they are good for our dogs or not, maybe we think that is just a vegetable with a lot of spices so nothing bad has to happen right? Well, that is somehow true, but still, don’t make them part of your dog’s regular diet.

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