Can Dogs Get Mosquito Bites: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment


An argument commonly emerges, can dogs get mosquito bites? Or someone may ask, do mosquitoes bite dogs? The answer is simple, yes, just like it is with human beings, mosquitoes bite dogs. The effects of mosquito bites on dogs are bad for the dog cannot tell except for changed behavior.

If mosquitoes do bite dogs, the next worry is how to prevent mosquito bites on dogs. Protecting dogs from mosquito bites isn’t any much different from protecting yourself. It deals with what to do and what not.

Firstly, you need to clear off any stagnant water from your compound. Stagnant water provides a good breeding environment for mosquitoes. While human beings can protect themselves with nets and avoid the mosquitoes, it is not so for dogs. Preventing mosquito breeding is a good thing to do.

Secondly, keep your dog safe during mosquitos’ peak time. These insects are most notorious during spring and summer. Dawn and dusk are their best time to make bites. Avoid walking your dogs at this time.

Can Dogs Get Mosquito Bites

Thirdly, repairing broken window screens and clearing the compound also works. Avoid both breeding and entry into where the dog is. Seal all loopholes in an entry from where they can access dog. Cut your lawns correctly and clear any ominous looking grass. Clear heaps of waste from the backyard.

Fourthly, use mosquito spray for dogs. Insect spray for human beings is poisonous to dogs. There are various dog sprays in the market. Reach for them as another mosquito prevention for dogs.

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Lastly, use natural sprays and oils. Never spray your dog with insect sprays used with human beings. Most chemicals in human sprays are poisonous to dogs and itching, discomfort and breathing problems. Use lemon, tea tree oils, lavender, garlic or lemon eucalyptus oils. Their smell works wonders on mosquitoes.

Mosquito treatment for dogs is simple. Dogs do not get malaria. However, mosquitoes spread diseases such as heartworm and West Nile. Seek treatment for this soonest possible. These tips on how to protect my dog from mosquitoes must be of great importance to you as well. Try them today.