Can Dogs Eat Sweet Potatoes Skin?

Can Dogs Eat Sweet Potatoes Skin

It’s without much doubt that the question of whether dogs can eat sweet potatoes skins have closed a lot of people minds especially those who keep dogs as their pets.

To answer the question is Yes, Sweet Potatoes skins are consumable by the dogs but the key factor you should always consider is the moderation.

To many, they only believe that dogs should only eat meat but in reality, it’s a very incorrect notion. This is because dogs can also eat non-meat foods since they usually do have the ability to digest the food and use in their body systems.

The main rule you should use when feeding your dog with the sweet potatoes skin is that if you can’t eat it yourself, then you should not give it to your dog. By this I mean, the food should be of the same standard and quality like the one you consume.

What’s the Sweet Potato Skin’s Nutrient Content?

Some of the reasons why you should feed your dog with sweet potatoes skin include:-

Basically, sweet potatoes skins have a lot of essential nutrients and minerals that can be very important in the body of a dog. For instance, the sweet potato skin contains a lot of fiber which makes sure that the digestive system of your dog works effectively. Sweet potatoes skins can protect the damage of your dog digestive tract.

Sweet Potatoes Skins contain large amounts of iron, potassium, calcium, vitamins C, B6, and A and of all low-fat content which is very essential in the overall growth of a dog. For instance, vitamin A is responsible for maintaining healthy muscles, skin, nerves and even eyes. Vitamin C can be very important in maintaining dog immunity against diseases infection and also in the recovery of illness and injuries.

It also contains beta-carotene which is a very strong natural antioxidant and it can protect your dog getting infected by heart diseases.

Sweet Potato Treats for Dogs – Tips and Preparation

If it will be the first time to give sweet potatoes skin diet to your dog, it’s recommendable you do it slower rate?

To prepare the sweet potatoes skin for your dog, you need to clean them properly and then cook them properly until they become soft and edible. Make sure they cool and then serve them to your dog.

Always ensure hygiene when preparing them to avoid any contamination. Please avoid adding any spices or butter or any other stuff to the cooked sweet potato’s skin. To ensure that the skin is valuable to your dog make sure to serve it “pure”.

However, you should be aware that the addition of Sweet Potato Skin on your dog diet comes with a certain amount of calorific value. Through this, I mean that despite the sweet potatoes having a lot of nutrients and minerals, you should always consider a well-balanced diet.

To ensure a balanced diet and proper growth of your dog, you should moderate the sweet potatoes skin amount you give to your dog. This is more effective especially if your dog is in the risk of gaining excess weight.

Precautions to take when feeding your dogs with Sweet Potatoes Skins

Before feeding your dog with the sweet potatoes skin, ensure you clearly know the source of the skin. Like for instance, you should only give your dog the skin from sweet potatoes that have been organically grown from planting up to harvesting.

Also, you need to be cautious when feeding the dogs with the sweet potatoes skins since they can easily get stuck on the dog’s mouth especially if the dog is of a smaller age.

Also, if your dog is less active, diabetic or overweight, you should give a minimal amount of sweet potatoes skins to such a dog. This is because the index of Glycemic is very high in sweet potatoes skin which can affect the diabetic dog.

Conclusion and Final Verdict

In conclusion, the dog needs to be given other nutritional food rather than meat only. Foods such as sweet potatoes skins have essential nutrients and minerals that can help your dog grow healthy especially if they are given in the right amount and quality and quantity. It’s therefore highly recommendable you try it today on your dog and for sure you will love the results.