Can Dogs Eat Pumpkin Seeds: Are Pumpkin Seeds Safe for Dogs?

Pumpkin seeds can create a great sense of pleasure and they’re a perfect choice for long movies or sports matches.

Everyone has a weakness when their dog is looking up at them with their cute eyes – so you might have even given the pumpkin seeds to your dog before.

But can dogs eat pumpkin seeds and should you be careful about it?

That’s exactly what you’ll find out in this post – so keep on reading! You’ll be surprised by the answer.

Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

If you have given your dogs pumpkin seeds before – there’s nothing to worry about! Dogs can actually eat pumpkin seeds.

But what you might not know is that pumpkin seeds can actually benefit the dog’s health.

Most dogs, in fact, seem to love pumpkin seeds and if that’s the case – here are some of the health benefits your dogs can experience:

  • Digestive health improvement
  • Urinary health improvement
  • Weight loss

You might be enjoying pumpkin seeds yourself without knowing that they were actually used to heal wounds, cure kidney ailments, and even as a parasitic treatment by our ancestors.

Since pumpkin seeds are a natural source of fiber, it helps dogs prevent constipation or diarrhea. They also feature no added sugar or spices which just makes it even safer for dogs to consume.

Adding a spoon or two along with your dog’s regular meal can improve your dog’s digestion drastically.

Pumpkin seeds are also known to be high in fatty acids (which are essential for dogs) and antioxidants (which are useful for healthy skin & fur) so the oils from the pumpkin seeds are known to be good support for the urinary health.

And as we’ve mentioned earlier, you can either add pumpkin seeds along with your dog’s meal or use it to replace half of the dog’s meal – and this way, help your dog lose some weight!

Now when you are aware of the benefits, let us show you how to serve it so you can treat your dog.

Serving – Canned, Raw, or Cooked?

Can Dogs Eat Pumpkin Seeds

Another thing that’s great about pumpkin seeds is that you can give them to your dog cooked or even raw.

Just make sure that the pumpkin isn’t rotten – and in case your dog is suffering from kidney disease or diabetes, we highly recommend speaking to your vet first.

If you decide to serve canned pumpkin seeds to your dog – there are two things to keep in mind. You will have to make sure that the canned pumpkin seeds don’t feature added sugar and that they’re organic.

Therefore, we highly recommend going 100% organic and serving them raw so you are 100% sure that your dogs experience all health benefits that come with it.

So if you were wondering can dogs eat pumpkin seeds for real – there’s your answer!

Conclusion – Can dogs eat pumpkin seeds?

Yes. Dogs can eat pumpkin seeds. In fact, it is good for them.

Who would have known that pumpkin seeds have so many health benefits, right? Not only they’re ideal for your dog – but they’re also great for humans.

And if you have been consuming pumpkin seeds on a regular basis – that’s great! But if not, we highly recommend adding it to your routine, as this will allow you to always have a chance to share the seeds with your dog.

We have written posts on other types of food (even including vegetables & fruit) that can or can not be consumed by dogs. We even have a post on flax seeds – so make sure to check that out as well.

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