Can Dogs Eat Mango? Are Mangoes Good for Dogs & Puppies

Can Dogs Eat Mangoes

Most humans on the planet love Mangoes; but “can dogs have mangos?” Is a question that intrigues a lot of dog-owners. This article is aimed at educating all dog owners who wish to feed Mangos to their dogs, but are unsure about the consequences that will follow. Here are answers to all of your possible questions regarding Dogs eating mangoes:-

  • Can Dogs Eat Mango?
  • Are Mangoes Good for Dogs?
  • Can Dogs Eat Dried Mango?
  • Precautions of Feeding Mango to your dog?

Can Dogs Eat Mango Safely?

Ok, let’s start with the all-important question, Can dogs eat mango?

Dogs are originally carnivores, with their digestive system designed in a way that only accepts meat as food. But Dogs also love to eat many fruits and vegetables like mango that provides them with additional nutrients like vitamin A, B6, C, and E. Even wolves in the wild eat fruits at times to overcome digestion problems. So, try to give some nutritious food which is affordable as well as healthy for your dog.

Are Mangoes Good for Dogs & Puppies?

Mangos contain high quantity of vitamins and dietary fibers, which helps dogs to acquire parts of food that are not available with only meat. The high dietary fiber content in Mangos helps to improve the Dog’s digestive system. If given in acceptable limits, Mangos can serve as beneficial for your dog’s health.

Can Dogs Eat Dried Mango?

Dried mangos offer the same benefits to dogs like fresh Mangos, except for the fact that dried mangos have much higher sugar levels than the fresh mangos. High sugar content can prove harmful to your dog, so it is very important that you strictly administer the amount of dried mango being fed to the dog. The ideal diet would be a few small pieces of dried mango once or twice a month. This will keep your dog healthy and its sweet tooth satisfied.

Nutritional Benefits of Feeding Mango
The Health and Nutritional Benefits of Mango for Your Dog

Precautions of Feeding Mango to Your Dogs

You need to be very careful while feeding your dog with Mangos, here are a few tips to feed your dog with mango:

  • Mango skin should be properly peeled off before you serve the pulp to the dog. If not properly removed, the mango skin can get stuck in your dog’s alimentary track causing possible blockage and digestion problems.
  • Do not over-feed your dog with mango, as Mangos contain high levels of sugar content a high dosage can result in kidney and stomach issues with your dog.
  • Do not to let the dog swallow or chew the pit of the mango. If swallowed the pit will possibly choke your dog. The pit also contains traces of Cyanides that can even prove fatal for your dog if it gets into the bloodstream.
  • The usual symptoms of Cyanide poisoning are vomiting, foaming from the mouth and excessive drooling. If you observe any of these symptoms appearing in your dog, contact its vet without wasting any time.
  • The effects of poisoning usually start fifteen to twenty minutes after ingestion of the Pit.


Although Mango is not a natural food for Dogs, due to the nutritional benefits the fruit offers, Mango becomes a good treat for your furry friend. But like all treats, the amount fed to the dog should be closely monitored and extreme care must be taken to avoid overfeeding, poisoning or choking of your dog.