Can Dogs Eat Jasmine Rice: Is Jasmine Rice OK for Dogs

Can Dogs Eat Jasmine Rice

Is Jasmine Rice Good for Dogs?

About 80% of total dog owners in the US lack knowledge about the kind of foods to feed their dogs. Websites providing dietary and medical information on dogs are typically flooded with questions from owners on what kind of foods to feed their pets, is this okay? Is this healthy? Is Jasmine rice OK for Dogs? or Can my Dog eat Jasmine Rice?

The truth is that most dog owners love to feed their dogs whatever they can consume. Since human beings have a more complex and sensitive digestive system, it is, thus, wise to assume whatever their alimentary canals can handle is also safe for dogs to eat right?


The metabolism of humans and dogs differ quite significantly, in that, dogs cannot effectively break down certain types of foods that people consume.

Now back to the topic at hand, can dogs eat jasmine rice?

The answer is yes but at a moderate level. Jasmine rice is similar to other types of long grain rice only that it gets softer and stickier once cooked.

Also, Jasmine rice, both brown and white, has a similar amount of fiber, calories, and carbs to any other type of long-grain rice. The difference may perhaps be the geographical source, as Jasmine rice originates primarily from Thailand. Dog owners can, therefore, feed Jasmine rice to their dogs, provided they are not allergic to rice in general.

What are the Benefits of Jasmine Rice for Dogs?

Jasmine rice is also of significant nutritional value to a dog when fed in appropriate measures. For instance, when combined with white meat such as chicken, Jasmine rice is known to help alleviate stomach upsets and in some cases, curb diarrhea among dogs. Also, Jasmine rice, unlike other rice species, is rich in iron, protein, and thiamine and low in cholesterol and saturated fat, a plus on its nutritional benefits.

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What exactly does moderate mean when it comes to feeding Jasmine rice to a dog? Well, this differs based on the breed, mass and metabolism of each dog, however, the common ground is that it is not done regularly, and rice should not be the main course. One way of knowing whether your dog is allergic to or has had an excess amount of jasmine rice is through observing the fur.

An allergic reaction triggers abnormal itchiness and in some level, hair loss in dogs. Upon detecting these symptoms, dog owners are advised to immediately cease from giving Jasmine rice to their dogs and seek medical intervention.

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Conclusion – Can dogs have Jasmine rice?

Yes. You can feed your dog jasmine rice. However, do it in moderation. It is safe for a dog to eat jasmine rice as long as you add all other nutrients to the dog’s diet. In order for your dog to be healthy, you must supplement Jasmine rice with other dog food.

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