Can Dogs Eat Ice Cream Cones: Is Ice Cream Bad For Dogs

Can dogs eat ice cream cones? This is a question that new pet owners regularly ask. You Tube is flooded with videos where our adorable four-legged friends delightfully gobble down this cold treat. But is this safe? Could such an innocent thing, like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, McDonalds ice cream, cause our furry friends any problems? Sadly, the answer is yes. Let’s see the reason behind this.

Why Is Ice Cream Not Safe For Dogs?

Dog’s bodies can digest milk only during their breastfeeding period of life. After their weaning, they lose that ability. Thus, dairy products, any be extension ice-cream, could cause your dog gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea or vomiting.

Can Dogs Eat Ice Cream

Vanilla, chocolate and strawberry Ice-cream also usually contains significant amounts of sugar. So, feeding your dog ice-cream might lead to them gaining weight, which in turn can lead to other, bigger issues. Even with sugar-free ice cream, there is the possibility of it containing xylitol, a sweetener that is extremely toxic to dogs. Make sure to read the label in any case carefully.

Finally, some specific flavor choices might be dangerous, or even fatal for dogs. As an example, just take the chocolate ice-cream which contains theobromine, a component that dogs cannot process efficiently and is toxic for them.

Can Dogs Have Ice Cream At All?

As you can see, in most cases, ice-cream is not a problem for dogs, at least in small amounts. But, if given to them regularly or in larger quantities or to dogs with obesity, allergies or dairy intolerance, ice-cream could cause major health issues, it doesn’t mean that a single ice cream cone can kill your dog. In conclusion, although many dog owners have no problem feeding their pets with the delicious treat, we would advice against it. There are many alternatives after all, which are both tasty and healthy for our little friends.

What Kind of Ice Cream Can Dogs Eat? (The Best Alternative)

Its summer, the sun is burning and your beloved companion is patiently looking at you with begging eyes while you are eating a cone of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and McDonald’s ice-cream. You must resist the temptation and instead, opt for something else to give to your dog.

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Frozen yoghurt is a good alternative. Yoghurt is fermented and thus contains less lactose and is easier on the stomach. But do not use a commercial brand. Most likely it will contain big amounts of sugar. Just buy some regular, unsweetened yoghurt and freeze it yourself. Still, though, you must be careful. Not all dogs can tolerate yoghurt.

Can Dogs Eat Ice Cream Cone

Another alternative is the so-called “nice cream”. It’s a vegan ice cream made from frozen bananas. Preparing at home with a basic food processor is easy. The fruit contained is perfectly safe for dogs and adds a lot of nutritional value to your diet. Humans might also enjoy this treat, as it is especially delicious.

Lastly, you can also choose to make frozen treats yourself. This option gives you the advantage of knowing what goes into your pet’s dessert and also it’s easy and inexpensive to make. You can put some canned pumpkin in ice cube trays for example and in a few hours, you have a healthy and delicious treat ready for your dog. There are other recipes as well which you can find online for some variety.

Conclusion and Final Words

In conclusion, the answer to the question “can my dog eat ice cream?” is “not really”. Luckily, there are alternatives which are safe, healthy, tasty and easy to make. Take a look at them before making any decisions.

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