Can Dogs Eat Eggs: Are Eggs Good For Dogs to Eat?

Can Dogs Eat Eggs

Are you stopped feeding the egg to your dog and still confused “can dogs eat eggs”. If you read this article, this will solve all the problems of feeding the raw or boiled eggs to your dogs.

In history, dogs stole eggs from birds’ shells and ate them uncooked, shell and all. Nowadays, most of us don’t let our dogs go far and wide in search of unguarded shells, but eggs are still a worthy source of food for dogs, especially in home-based foods.

Dogs have a changed digestive system than a human being, and certain foods are really quite dangerous. Consumption of the wrong food on daily routine can give your dog gastric problems and can even be incurable.

Are Eggs Good for Dogs?

Eggs are not only an inexpensive and harmless source of food for a dog, they are one of the whole and nourishing meals you can choose for your dog. An egg is one of the best source of protein so, try to add some eggs to your dog’s food which is a nice and healthy treat for dogs.

Eggs are mainly composed of Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Riboflavin Folate, Iron Selenium, amino acids, Fatty Acids and the building blocks of protein. They are an outstanding source of protein that is as great for your dog as it is for you. And the most important thing is that eggs are the full package of protein on the planet. They have all of the required protein building blocks in the best ratios.

As for the fears about cholesterol, dogs don’t undergo the same arterial harm from cholesterol as the humans do. Actually, the cholesterol in egg yolks aids to healthy, shiny coats. And as for the alarm of biotin shortage, egg whites have a biotin inhibitor called avidin. It is one of the B vitamins and is essential for cellular development, fatty acid digestion and good skin and coat. Biotin shortages are quite uncommon and it would take a huge amount of eggs to be the reason one.

Can Dogs Eat Raw Eggs?

People from ancients made a lot of mythologies about feeding raw eggs to dogs and it results that the raw egg made the dangers for a dog’s health.

Can Dogs Eat Raw Eggs

The dog owners should be aware of a few concerns about feeding raw eggs to your dog.

Salmonella: Dogs are at risk of contracting Salmonella just like humans. And the owners or caretakers of dogs who feed raw eggs to them can also catch this disease from their dogs.

Biotin Deficiency: Raw egg whites have an enzyme that bonds up biotin and stops the absorption of biotin into the body. So continued serving of uncooked egg whites can also lead to a biotin deficiency and can be then problematic. While these side effects are uncommon, most veterinarians recommend cooking eggs is the best option than feeding raw eggs.

Adding Boiled Eggs in Dog’s Food: Boiled eggs are best when it comes to your dog’s health. It would be beneficial to cook up an egg rather than giving it raw to your dog and making it dangerous for its health. One should use cooked egg, as raw egg whites can lead to a biotin deficiency. And boiled or scrambled eggs given to dogs should be without any seasoning like salt pepper etc. Because dogs don’t like to eat salty things.

The boiled or cooked eggs make excellent delights or nutritional complements for dogs. Eggs are not only a healthy and nourishing food for dogs; they can even help to relax upset stomachs. So adding eggs in dog’s snack is a step towards healthy and a tasty choice.