Can Dogs Eat Brown Rice? Unknown Facts About White and Brown Rice for Dogs

Can Dogs Eat Brown Rice

Brown rice is the primary wellspring of sugars and an excessive amount of starch every day can be hurtful for your dog. A bowl of finely cooked brown rice once in a while is in reality good for dogs. Much the same as we humans depend on sugar for vitality necessities; dogs get the vitality for every day works from fat. Before we discuss the advantages of brown rice for dogs, we should have a speedy look at the wholesome profile of brown rice:

Brown rice is rich in fiber, starches and different vitamins and minerals. 85 percent calories in brown rice originate from carbohydrates while protein and fat record for eight and seven percent of calories separately. 100 grams of brown rice contains around 23 grams of starches, 2.6 gram protein, and 1 gram fat. Brown rice additionally gives us thiamine, riboflavin, vitamin B-6, folate and niacin in little sums. Utilization of brown rice moreover gives you magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium. For liquid adjust and heart capacities, potassium and sodium are additionally present in brown rice.

In our homes, rice is among the main foods consumed for their carbohydrates. The carbohydrates are generally important in stabilizing levels of blood sugar, are rich in fiber important for digestion and also serve as the fuel or energy for your body. Apart from their nutritional value, rice is also cheaper to buy, readily available and also preparing it takes less time compared to other meals.

One of the animals kept by many at their homes are dogs, and sometimes finding for your animal friend what to eat and the right thing to eat can always be a challenge. Challenge in terms of affordability and availability. Having seen how important rice food is important to humans, one question that dog parents often ask, can a dog eat rice? Of course, rice is not one of those chief foods that would excite a dog when served, say like meat and bones. The question above becomes even a more complex matter if you consider the fact that it seems rice has built quite a negative reputation with the dog community. Many seem to dislike rice food for the dog. So what are the scientific facts available to answer if rice is good for dogs?

Is Brown Rice Good or Bad for Your Dogs

Yes, it is perfectly good for dogs because brown rice has nutritional value. Presently, I bring you six reasons why you should encourage brown rice to your dog:-

  • You should sustain brown rice to your dog on the off chance that you need to nourish his assortment.
  • Brown rice is good for thin dogs if they need to put on some weight.
  • Since brown rice contains the costly measure of strands, it is especially useful for dogs with intestinal issues.
  • When you encourage home cooked brown rice to your dog, there are fewer odds of sensitivities also.
  • Since brown rice has phytic corrosive which keeps the assimilation of minerals, it is anything but delicate to process brown rice.
  • On the off chance that you nourish brown rice to your dog 2-3 times in seven days, it will spare you significant cash on dog’s dinners.

Generally, when rice is harvested it is brown in color. The white color associated with some types of rice is achieved after the removal of the outer dietary fiber layer of brown rice by the mills. This outer layer is often very rich in nutrient. That basically provides the difference between brown, rich in nutrient and white rice low in a nutrient.

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It has been observed widely that most of the products for the dog food from major brands majorly prefer brown rice as an ingredient than white rice. The smaller brands producing dog food products with white rice ingredient is because it is cheaper/less expensive. And that benefit is of course transferred to the customer/dog parent.

Step by Step Instructions to Cook Brown Rice for Dog

Brown Rice for Dogs

Basic however tedious, you utilize double the measure of water as rice. Heat water to the point of boiling; include rice; cover and stew for 45 minutes. Indeed, I said 45 minutes and don’t purchase brown rice that takes less time since it would have to be precooked and the supplements simply wouldn’t be there.

Cooked rice will keep in the ice chest effectively for 3 – 5 days, so you have it prepared to blend with your preferred meat and veggies. (Furthermore, bear in mind a touch of garlic!)

One measure of brown rice has:-

  • Insoluble fiber 3.12 g
  • Protein 5.03 g
  • Starches 44.77 g
  • Fat – add up to 1.76 g

Note: Dogs are people, much the same as us. Many dogs improve the situation without grains by any means. It’s dependably a good plan to do a crap watch to perceive what’s getting processed. (See dog crap well being.) If you see entire rice in your dog’s defecation, he is not processing it, so there is no reason for encouraging it. Cooked entire oats or quinoa are both excellent grains to attempt. Quinoa is the most advantageous of all grains.

How to Bolster Home Cooked Brown Rice?

You can bolster home cooked brown rice to the dogs with chicken or veggies.

Put rice and (water ought to be double the measure of rice) in a bubble and stew for 45 minutes. Brown rice sets aside more excellent opportunity to be cooked. On the off chance that you bring brown rice which is precooked and take less time in cooking, there will be fewer supplements in that rice.

Blend the chicken or veggies whichever you need to add and encourage to your dog. It might be a subject of public argument as which rice is better for dogs. Brown or white?

The Issue of White Rice vs Brown Rice

If major dog food products use rice, why is it that there are some who consider rice to not be good for dogs? Is brown rice good for dogs? Yes. Is white rice good for dogs? Yes, but brown rice is better because of its nutritional value.

The higher review dog sustenance items delivered by the greater, more established names out there utilize brown rice as opposed to white rice in their dog nourishment, while the lower review dog nourishment items created by organizations that are endeavoring to spare a couple of bucks all over for productivity purposes utilize white rice rather than brown rice.

Once more, investigate this page we assembled about the best dog sustenance for the cash – you’ll see that several alternatives that advanced on the list make good utilization of white rice rather than brown rice. This way they’re ready to bring down their asking price.

What’s the distinction between white rice and brown rice the extent that your dog is concerned, you may inquire? All things considered, there are many really, as not all rice is created similarly with regards to your dog.

How about we have a gander at the beneath comparison that shows what white rice can offer you and your dog, and what brown rice can offer you and your dog. Indeed, the appropriate response lies in their assembling. In the wake of collecting, the rice is prepared through rice huller to evacuate husks. After leaving the shell, you get the brown rice.

For the assembling of white rice, a couple of more advances are included which slaughter every one of the supplements. Manufactured supplements are included which exacerbate the circumstance. For good strength of dogs, brown rice is exceedingly suggested.


It is important to note that the advantages of both brown and white rice aforementioned above to dogs also apply to humans. The question can dog eat brown rice has been tackled above, it is also important to deduce that may be the chief reason why most dog parents prefer brown rice to white rice is that of its nature; being nutritious and it tastes better, healthier. Furthermore, it is essential to note feed dogs a lot of rice considering the fact that they are carnivorous and thus need more proteins than carbohydrates.

In conclusion, there are a number of other human foods that can be used as a  compliment or as a substitute for rice. I know some will surprise you. Some of the foods include; Lean proteins such as kitchen and turkey, sweet potatoes and pumpkins, green beans and peas, parsley and peanut butter. Peas are rich in minerals such as potassium and phosphorous and also vitamin B. Peanut butter is rich in proteins.

If you are keen to buy some dog food that already includes brown rice, feel free to check out American Journey Chicken & Brown Rice.