Can Dogs and Puppies Eat Strawberries – Shocking Truth

Can Dogs and Puppies Eat Strawberries

The warm season presents a lot of vegetables and fruits that I believe you enjoy so much. It’s not really good to see your friend watch you helplessly as you take every bite. Strawberries are very healthy for our health and very tasty and since you love your pet so much you may be wondering; can dogs eat strawberries or can I give my strawberries and if you have a puppy you could also ask, can puppies eat strawberries

The answer is yes. You are at liberty to feed your dog or puppy with fresh strawberries but you should do it the right way-don’t feed them on canned strawberries or on strawberries in syrup. They are not fit for your little friend. Strawberries are very sweet and could be a nice treat to your dog but did you know that they also help your dogs to stay healthy in a number of ways? If you’ve been wondering whether it’s safe for your dog to eat then you should stop worrying and let your dog enjoy great benefits.

Are you still not sure and asking-Can dogs eat strawberries? Strawberries are not only sweet but will also help your god with aging, helps in weight management and strengthening their immune system. Strawberries also remove high fats and salts and also helps with the puppy’s teeth. You need to understand that the human system is different from that of dogs, for this reason, you should serve your dog with strawberries in the right way and with the right quantity.

Strawberries have vitamins and minerals which are very healthy for your dog but on the other side, they have too much sugar that can be dangerous for the dog’s stomach. Serve with moderation to avoid stomach upset or any other problem that may arise. If you grow strawberries in your backyard you need to control the amount your puppies or dogs consume, a bow could be enough but dogs are very curious especially about something they love so much.

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Some of the pesticides and fertilizers could also be dangerous to the health of your dog-control how they consume the strawberries.

How Are Strawberries Good For Dogs?

How Are Strawberries Good For Dogs

Can dogs and puppies eat strawberries? Yes, strawberries are in Vitamin C, fiber, iodine, magnesium, potassium, and other properties. If you’ve never given your dog strawberries, you can start giving them in small quantities as you study them, this is because some dogs can be allergic to strawberries. Give them in small quantities as they adapt and watch out for the signs of allergy which include vomiting, diarrhea, and itchy skin.

Just ensure you prepare it in the right way by removing the stems and then chop them into smaller pieces or blend it in the case of puppies to prevent choking or any digestion problem. With time you can increase the amount or quantity that you give to your dog but remember not to pass the limit. You should only feed your dog with fresh strawberries because the rest like ice cream, jams, yogurt, and the likes are just replicate and can cause harm to your pet.