Can Dog And Puppies Eat Watermelon – Facts That Might Be Surprise You

Can I Give My Dog Watermelon

Dogs are known to always have part in the family food, due to the fact that their digestive system is a little bit different from that of man. Canine digestive system is shorter than that of the omnivores because ancestrally they evolved as carnivore. Only few of the food eaten by man cannot be eaten by dogs, most foods that are healthy for human are as well healthy for dogs. However, it is very important to know the types of foods available and best for dogs.

Puppies are juvenile dogs and can start eating part of what the mother eats after about four weeks.

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Dog diet contains as many ingredients as human diet which includes; meats from different animals including chicken, vegetables, fruits and plant and animal byproducts such as bones and organs like intestines grounded together. The best is keeping dog’s food for them and human’s food for human. The rules guiding human food is more strict than that of dogs though they both contains basic components such as carbohydrates, protein and fats in different proportion. Dogs diet should also be balanced.

Is It Okay to Feed Dog Watermelon – Can I Give My Dog Watermelon?

Watermelon is eaten by human all over the world. Citrullus lanatus (watermelon) is a flowering plant that scrambles and trails in the family Cucurbitaceae, originated from southern Africa with its cultivation evidence in Ancient Egypt. Due to the edible nature of the fruit(watermelon), It is grown in tropical and subtropical areas of the world. It is botanically called a pepo and can be eaten raw.

The sweet, juicy flesh is usually deep red to pink, with many seeds, we also have seedless varieties being cultivated. Watermelon contains about 92% of water, since all animals require water for healthy development and digestion. The fruit is soaked with different types of nutrients. Each juicy part has a significant amount of vitamins (A, B6 and C), it contains a lot of lycopene, amino acids, potassium and antioxidants. It’s free of fat and low in sodium. Antioxidant is beneficial for dogs in reducing the danger of free radicals, it’s present in dog commercial foods.

Is Watermelon Bad for My Dog?

Lycopene a phytonutrient that occurs naturally in vegetables and fruits which react with the body to triggers reaction gives the watermelon it’s characteristics colour. Amino acids the end product of protein present in watermelon also helps the body to function well, it builds the body. Food high in antioxidant and amino acids helps body to grow properly.

Based on research, scientists noticed that watermelon has high lycopene levels about 15-20 milligrams per 2 cups intake.

The fact that there is no compound or substance that is harmful to the health of dogs in watermelon indicates that it can be given to dogs, small quantities can also be given to puppies for their healthy growth and development. Dogs should not be forced to eat watermelon but those that like it shouldn’t be denied of it.

Generally, watermelon supplies dog with nutrients and in conclusion, it should be given to dogs.