Bulldog Dog Breed, Puppies Temperament, Pictures and Names

Bulldog Information

The Bulldog has undergone a dramatic change in appearance during its long history, particularly since the development of show standards over the past century. In their early years, Bulldogs were used for bull-baiting and tended to be a longer-legged breed than those seen today.

After bull-baiting was banned in 1835 in Britain, it was also involved in dog fighting, but Bulldogs proved less popular for this purpose than the Bull Terrier. The breed could then have slipped into obscurity but was rescued to become a popular show dog. The Bulldog is a small dog breed and also known as English Bulldog. Here are some facts and information about the English Bulldog.

Origins: Britain
Coat Type/Colour: Smooth: Short; tan
Height: 12 – 14 Inch (30.5 – 35.5 cm)
Weight: 55 lb (25 kg)
Classification: Utility/Non-Sporting/Guard
Nature: Placid and Phlegmatic

Today, the Bulldog has evolved into a placid and phlegmatic dog with a somewhat comical appearance. However, it is a solid, muscular animal with powerful jaws. Criticisms of the breed have been made because of its respiratory and reproductive problems, with Caesarean section births being common because of its relatively large head.

Bulldogs suffer badly from heat stress and should not be exercised during the warmest part of the day. In addition, they must never be kept enclosed in a car on their own in the summer. All dogs are vulnerable to heat stress in such surroundings, but Bulldogs, in particular, are liable to die very rapidly under these conditions. They tend not to want a lot of exercises but should be given a daily walk, as this will help to prevent them from becoming obese.

Best English Bulldog Dog Names

Here are we provide some strong and best names for English bulldogs:-

  • Duke
  • Diesel
  • Tank
  • Winston
  • Molly
  • Sadie
  • Bella
  • Daisy
  • Jagger
  • Zeus