Bull Terrier Dog Breed

Bull Terrier Dog Breed Picture

It is believed that the English White Terrier, which has now vanished, was the main ancestor of this sturdy breed, was the main ancestor of this sturdy dog breed. Crossings involving Bulldogs, Dalmatians and others also played a part in its development. A dog dealer called James Hinks was instrumental in the early stages of its evolution, which took place in and around Birmingham, England. There was initial opposition from breeders of Staffordshire Bull Terriers, until one of Hink’s dogs beat a Staffordshire in a challenge dog fight so clearly that it then won a dog show prize on the nexe day!

Origins: England
Coat Type/Colour: Short; wide variety
Height: 21 – 22 Inch (53.5 – 56 cm)
Weight: 52- 62 lb (23.6 – 28.1 kg)
Classification: Terrier
Nature: Determind, powerful, but normally trustworthy

A miniature form, under 14 Inch (35 cm) in height, has since been developed and both types are powerful, energetic dogs. They need firm training from an early age, especially to ensure that they will not fight with other dogs. The sheer power of the Bull Terrier makes it a formidable opponent, capable of inflicting serious injury. Nevertheless, they are normally quite trustworthy with people, although they will not tolerate intruders. It is best to avoid this dog breed if you have young children because these dogs are sometimes rather short-tempered.

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