Brittany Spaniel (Brittany) Dog Breed

Brittany Spaniel Information

This French dog breed was effectively re-created at the turn of the present century, having been on the verge of extinction. It is more reminiscent of a setter than a spaniel, both in terms of its appearance and its behaviour. As a consequence, the American Kennel Club has recently changed its name simply to the Brittany. As a working dog – commonly seen at field trials rather than shows – it has proved a talented pointer and has a keen scenting nose.

Origins: France
Coat Type/Colour: Silky; wide variety
Height: 17 ½ – 20 ½ Inch (44.5 – 52 cm)
Weight: 3- 40 lb (13.6 – 18.2 kg)
Classification: Gundon/sporting
Nature: Sensitive; Easy to train

The Brittany Spaniel dog breed has a sensitive nature and is correspondingly easy to train, being very responsive to its owner’s wishes. In terms of coloration, these dogs can be either orange, maroon or black combined with white, while tri-coloured forms are also recognized. You must be prepared to give the Brittany plenty of exercise; although it does make a good pet, it is still a working dog as well and this should be reflected in its surroundings.

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