Briard Dog Breed

Briard Dog Breed Picture

It may be that this breed originated in the French province of Brie as long ago as the twelth century. Here it was valued as a guard dog, protecting sheep from wolves and other dangers, but, as wolves were gradually eliminated, it also served to hered farmstock. The Briard today has retained a brave nature, and will be alert to any intruders around your property. It is easily trained and will settle well in domestic surroundings, provided that it has plenty of opportunity to exercise every day.

Origins: France
Coat Type/Colour: Flowing; Generally Black
Height: 24 – 27 Inch (61 – 68.5 cm)
Weight: 75 lb (34 kg)
Classification: Working/Herding
Nature: Independent Streakl; Very :Loyal

The flowing coat of the Briard obviously needs daily brushing. An unusual feature laid down inthe breed standard is that the double dew claws present on the hindlegs are retained.

Dew claws are normally removed from other breeds because they serve no real purpose for dogs today and there is a risk, especially with the front dew claws, that the dog could become caught up by them, resulting in injury. Where the dew claws are left, however, you may need to trim them regularly, because they will not become worn down in the normal fashion as they are not in contact with ground. As a result, the claws are likely to be become overgrown and will curl back or, even worse, can penetrate the dog’s skin.

In spite of its long history, the Briard has only become more widely known outside France during recent years.

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